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Who is who here and now

That resulted in the smooth part of the truncated Russian championship, wherein, Nevertheless, we saw everything - the tears and pain, joy and delight, the beautiful game and the amazing stories. In short all, for what we love volleyball!

If you try to allocate something basic, defining in this championship, I would like to mention some confusion, confusion and vacillation. Judge for yourself - most teams stayed during the season to some extent disassembled. Some have built new (both of the "Zenith", "Dynamo", "Belogorye", "Gazprom-Ugra", ASK, «New»), others suffered from lingering injuries leaders ("Torch", "Kuzbass"). Not surprising, that the preliminary part in such an environment has won the Novosibirsk "Locomotive" - ??the most balanced and stable at the moment the team, successfully entered the game point gain, as well as avoid increased injury.

But Novosibirsk lost during dry season in Krasnoyarsk, Kazan and lost in the big game in Surgut, and "Dinamo-LO" beat much more powerful countrymen of "Zenith", and "Samotlor" beat "Torch", and Nizhniy Novgorod took Peter and the same Novy Urengoy. There were a lot of surprises, quality of the game swung with large amplitude, Championship standings and storms is not a child. Now - a small lull before the next, decisive storm - coming playoffs, Finals six and no less exciting play-out. While large ships to safe harbor bring themselves into order, Let's quickly go over the slipway, We note the achievements and count the holes.

1. "Lokomotiv" Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk patiently went to this success over the past years. Persistently changing Plamen Konstantinov and twitching in terms of selection. He came and went Grozer, Something was happening in the center of the grid, We are looking for a bunch of, but in the end, all lined up in a working almost without squeaking mechanism, that even the "Ural" in the last match could not lose (joke).

clear, Siberians are tuned to a home final with a special feeling. bronze was, silver was, time to aim a blow at our William Shakespeare. The situation is almost ideal: Kazan slipped slightly, Peter has not yet taken off properly, the remaining one or other difficulties. maybe, this is the last chance "Locomotive" - ??given the age of many artists and delayed, but inevitable, as it appears, hegemony born champions.

That may prevent? functional readiness: at the same Kazan rest from European cup, and here - the battle with Peter in the semi-finals CEV Cup. Although this factor may result in a plus, If the tone does not apply to the fatigue. Far more important than the lack of winning mentality. Yes, Dzhizga world champion, and Ivovich - European Champion. But the team experience great victories in the current "Locomotive" is not. However, the "Kuzbass" in the last year it was not there.

2. "Zenit-Kazan"

In spite of the "floating" level of the game, I would not have overthrown Kazan from the accounts - they need a title no less, than the rest. And the possibilities for its conquest in the fleeting tournament has: Russian Cup your hand. On the coaching bench may again land Vladimir Alekno, and it's just ten points Griffendoru, simply due to the fact finding a specialist in the field of view of the players.

I must squeeze themselves Dinamo Sokolov, otherwise the entire scheme, to run in for the season, finally fly to hell. Maxim Mikhaylov on the usual position, of course, Also an option, but then all ready to start up Fedor Voronkov keep statistics in the green zone. Fedor theoretically capable of such, but the risk in practice - is another matter. Also important, how to lay Ngapet, signed another contract: thank club or go into "nesoznanku"? I think, the dream of the Champions League should work. With favorable developments Kazan - quite a clear candidate for the title.

3. "Kuzbass" Kemerovo

Kemerovo suffered losses all season, starting with the care and ending the traditional Sammelvyuo already, Unfortunately, injury Poletaeva. team fever, However, in a fever "Kuzbass" I managed to finish the race third truncated. Now everything seems to be getting accustomed to the rails, except that the prospects of a shoulder injury in Podlesnykh can make their own adjustments. And so - Kobzar pasuet, Poletaev jumps, Pashitskii scares everyone in the center of the grid, Kerminen demonstrates focuses on the back of the line ... The composition of kemerovchan still actually a champion, and experience has, and the desire to slam the door certainly is present. Slap "Kuzbass" can be anyone and "Dinamo-LO" unlikely champion of hurt to go to the final six - with all due respect to sosnovobortsam. What next, I think, Much will depend on the chemistry vnutrikomandnoy, ot "sammel?v?oobraznosti" Krecu. And let's not forget, that kemerovchane continue to actively deal with time zones - and in the playoffs, and in the Champions League. Sam sixth Final, true, It will be held at a convenient point in the planet, almost home.

4. "Dynamo" Moscow

Konstantin Bryansk in front transforms the "Dynamo" from the usual succession of familiar faces, tied to the fast and self-contained game Sergei Grankina, into something completely new. Just wanted to say: "Who is there?». Maksim Zhigalov, in the form of "Dynamo" has the effect of eye twitching, and only Yuri Berezhko returns some peace of mind.

If serious, the restructuring in the "Dynamo", probably, germinated and was inevitable. Where will the selected route is unclear. The current team is fresh, interesting, it has strong arguments, but as long as there is some invisible web, he's Scepter. Hence results: confidently walking up to the lower and middle sections of the table, Muscovites unconvincing played with leaders. I think, that the formation phase of the Bryansk leaves a gap in the decisions made and the demonstrated results, unleashes, figuratively speaking, hands. We will see, to what these hands Dotyanutsya.

5. "Zenit" St.-Petersburg

Champions are not born - that's the basic idea against Petrograd. Off-season strengthening the muscles in itself is not a panacea, Need to work, build game, drag, sometimes teeth. For all its power "Zenit" looks like a patchwork quilt, which so far only managed to make large stitches. In St. Petersburg does not hide, that create the base for the club team, including - at the expense of certification population. Coming breeding campaign will leave memories of the past as an innocent game of rat. But now, "Zenith" on the shoulder to jump over any mesh - just for a while skrast obvious narrow space at the site. I dont know, for whatever reason Sammelvyuo marinating squared spare Cyril Ursova, I do not know, how comfortable feeling close to home to himself Tuomas, I do not know very much, which could affect the final result of the season. championship? At the confluence of a number of circumstances. The prizes this team definitely needs to be. But the fact, What will happen. although Grozeru, of course, I want to leave a hack in the Russian Super League - "Gosha was here".

6. "Torch" Novy Urengoy

That's an amazing team! It teeters on home games, both on-site, loses every year on one or two main players (Vlasov, Likhosherstov, Yakovlev, Udris), but continues stubbornly to chew cactus. The Wolves break, Klyuka the injured - but right there the whole cavalry Bogdan, until Volodina. Camillo laments, seem to be, He knows the secret motivation in Italian, what can I say. Can, probably, to tell, that this season - the last chance for the "Torch" to be beaten for a prize, but I would not say so. There's a strong character, among other things - and two victories over Kazan "Zenith" proof. He and this season not all paved (what about a comeback in Surgut!), and probably will play in the future.

7. "Yenisei" Krasnoyarsk

"Yenisei" for a long time failed to rally around the star, regularly invited to the team - and will take charge, and Spiridonov, Marechal and with Carroll could not lift the team into the playoffs. Now it turned around for the same reasons, which "Locomotive" won in the regular season - Krasnoyarsk composition is stable for several years, communications willfully. Plus dot gain and Aleksandr Klimkin. Ian Ereschenko passed the volleyball in the summer and autumn, in the national team games, He continued in the same spirit in the new club. Contributed and Todor SCREAM, Dmitry Zhuk opened etc., but the main, repeat, stability and, Consequently, the absence of significant holes. The last home defeat - not an indicator: there, completing the task, "Yenisei" slightly opened his welcoming hugs. The club in the victory of the asset over the "locomotive", the stubborn resistance of the leaders and almost uncontested scalp outsiders. But, perhaps, namely to "Yenisey" it is necessary to make the cut-off, who do not claim this season on the podium.

8. "Belogorye" Belgorod

Famed club now expected shaking - would have, when such selection and another coaching leapfrog! Go home "Pe-Pe" and the future European champions coach, in "Belogorye" proclaimed a kind of Belgorod Juche - handle, breakwater, on their own. No doubt, that after a while these forces (Tyetyukhin, Sidenko etc., may be, even Semyshev) grow up and return to its former glory. But this season, the club was in a clear temporal wormhole generational change, without buying any viable insurance policy. Luburich somewhat brightened prospects, and the next coming of Kolchin paid off - game commands sometimes pours balm on the inhabitants of the sector "A" local "space". But before the volleyball space, where "Belogorye" lived for decades, yet far. "Zenith" in the playoffs nibble Belgorod quite a can, but all of this season I would be attributed to the emergence of Paul Tetyukhin - experience gained outside the 19-year-old will return a hundredfold more doigrovschik.

9. "Gazprom-Ugra" Surgut

Another example of dengue fever during the season. Everything seems to be objective - the team refreshed almost one hundred per cent! Such a massive blood transfusion is not immediately gives the desired effect. And taken as a battle flag Maciej Muse - diagonal insanely talented and promising, but in fact - only to gain experience. That is not ready the machine for delivery points, and fragile machine, and that it is necessary to adjust, and serve, until it fills its own bumps, without which no.

The coaching staff of Surgut is one hundred percent guessed with the acquisition of Dennis Chereiskaya, and fifty percent missed a set doigrovschikov. However, or in whose garden I can not throw a stone - all tried, paxali, but the stars were not all, it happens. I had during the season to look for options with Boldyrev and Aksyutin, as well as to call Theodore Salparova to strengthen the faith in their own strength. Arrival libero for a match in Ufa, perhaps, and decided the outcome of the case - Surgut 9 November beat "Ural" and secured the necessary distance. But how to forget two defeats from ASA, loss "Nova" and, of course, epically humiliating defeat on the "Torch"? Significantly, that these matches gave a tiebreaker. And it is pulled out of the game with the "Ural", "Belogorye", "Dinamo-LO", "Samotlor". What does this say?

About tom, that "Gazprom-Ugra" and stability - as much as possible the different concepts in the current season. The team can beat dry "Zenit-Kazan", and maybe start a muffled commotion with an outsider. The gaming performance during a match jumping, as an aneroid by passing atmospheric front. All these are signs of a growing organism, massively destroying the nerve endings at all, who takes care of him and for him going through. However, a curtain body openly pleased and outlined prospects for further growth. The boy becomes a man, how and hotel Maciej muse.

10. "Dinamo-LO" Sosnovy Bor

I have the game sosnovobortsev strange aftertaste. according to the organization, movement on the court - a very nice team. Perhaps, one of the closest in the Super League for the so-called European model. But ... In Russia, no power on the grid anywhere. After gathering in the center of this power (Volkov, Smolar, Bemmel), Oleg Sogrin failed to adequately close the current topic at the edges. There he, as they say, masterovitye performers, but they, eventually, We could not withstand the competition. And another observation. It seemed to me, that, for all his skill, "Dinamo-LO" - sentiments team. Why is it depends, I did not catch, but the fact remains - sometimes a team sweeps away everything in its path, and sometimes involuntarily gives initiative. strange aftertaste, I'm telling you.

11. ASA Nizhny Novgorod

Praises team Igor Shulepova sang everything - I join in the chorus. For a beginner ASA played a very worthy, opening Super League last name Pyatyrkin and rediscovered Markina. But here is what is typical - all his victories, with the exception of Victoria in Surgut, team produced at home. This is - the most natural sign of the infamous freshman syndrome. However, repeat, for an existing resource of Nizhny Novgorod played very well, really made the whole Super League takes itself seriously.

Bit unlucky at the start, when there was a ban on the performance of foreign players, but, on the other hand, EKB and could not let Wendt and suffering Petrovs (as he was trying to tune in the Lower?) the site. As a result, the Frenchman with atypical for this nation poker a face actually became the hallmark of the club - a kind of cold killer, light version. ASA to be a harsh struggle for survival, here and see, how light this version.

12. «Ural» Ufa

I recall the anecdote about AvtoVAZ: there do, turns "Kalina". Can, damn place? From year to year in Ufa hatching Napoleonic plans, name stars, cheerfully start ... And indeed already beginning to think, that is not the case in the specific people. The powerful effect of deja vu, with respect to the past championship. The only difference is, A year ago, "Ural" was able to drop into the playoffs, but now the principal "Torch" with the "locomotive" was not allowed. And rightly so - because repeat history again, a year later we, perhaps, again be seen floundering club, which did not make proper conclusions.

And, having passed the crucible of the play-out, "Ural" capable of something truly rethink. for example, that fact, that in the balance is important and powerful line doigrovschikov with a binder - the champion of Europe, guarantees nothing. That anadromous and unimportant matches do not happen. That the selection - a multi-faceted thing. Well, the other "that". I do not teach Ufimtsev. hope, They could learn from the season to the fullest and to return.

13. "Ugra-Samotlor" Nizhnevartovsk

Nizhnevartovtsy traditionally all "smooth" preparing for the championship play-out - so I do not envy their rivals in the battle for survival. Traditionally, "Samotlor" to "light up" a couple of new / old volleyball on the horizon, but well-forgotten stars. This time talking about Papazov and Cosmin. Traditionally, the second half of the season team effort - this time Didenko and Nikitin. In Nizhnevartovsk are exactly the same pattern, which until then allowed the team to maintain residence in the Super League. We will see, work there again.

14. "Nova" Novokuibyshevsk

Already at the start of the championship after last year's financial volzhane stroke and a mass exodus of players / coach seemed the most obvious candidate to take off. And they try to refute the paper theorists like me - did not work. Objectively - "Nova" spent almost a six championship, and even that is noticeably inferior to most opponents. I am truly worried about Alexander Chefranova, glad successes Dennis Schenkel, I never cease to amaze capabilities Andrew Titicha, Sergey sympathize Busel, I wish success in Russia is very strong coach Yuri Filippov, but the Russian Super League - it's a real grinder, in which you must climb to a certain bone balance, meat and fat. "Nova" does not go exactly according to these parameters. Something to tear due to the moral and volitional effort possible, but still will delay and grind. Stuffing is impossible to turn the back. But you try, I will be glad to be wrong.