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Europe is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

5 January tournament kicks off in Germany, because of which, properly, in the Russian league was formed as a protracted pause. The window in the club calendar cleared for our team, but she, thanks bogam, I coped with the task of getting to the Olympics through the 2020 year old qualified in St. Petersburg.

There, frankly speaking, We were a bit lucky with rivals - teams of Iran, Cuba and Mexico. Anyway, lucky compared with other groups. Where, eg, Bulgarians went to Brazilians, French - Polish, and Serbia - Italians. As a result, Bulgaria and, and France, and Serbia will now fight each other for a single ticket to the Olympics. Plus five other European teams, selected rated CEV - Germany, Slovenia, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic. Beshenaya competition, wherein, however, has its explicit and implicit favorites.

tournament formula is simple - two groups of four teams, the top two from each group go into the semi-finals, then the finals, who will reveal a single command, which will be satisfied with the results. There is no "silver" and "bronze", Only a victory, only hardcore.

The Germans did not knowingly take the lead in organizing the tournament - and a group of them went to a, so to speak, shtadyashtaya. They have rivals - Slovenians, Czechs and Belgians. It seems that Slovenia, played in the final of the recent European Championship, It should be a favorite, but this team may be forced to reshuffle - the last control meeting missed Tina Urnaut. for the team, The game is almost the same six, loss doigrovschika backbone may be irreparable. Also there are problems and the Czechs, which already - the weakest rating. Against this background, the chances grow well in Belgium with already known to us as part of Sam Deru, Well, Germany, of course, adjusted very seriously.

Nevertheless, winner of the Olympic selection, in my opinion, He is hiding in the second group. There's a clear favorite - the reigning champion of Serbia in Europe. But the French are suitable for the most important tournament in a disassembled state. At first, injury epidemic mows fourth zone - will not play Rossar and Kleve, questionable Lynel. And then there's at Tilley there has been the birth of a child - even if Kevin play, not the fact that will be in optimal condition. Although you never know - often such events inspire good.

But most importantly - will not play for France the main diagonal Stéphane Boyer, which one, seem to be, continuing conflict with Erwin Ngapetom. Thus, not excluded, that we will see a part of Nizhny Novgorod John Wendt, which theoretically can make the company Jean Patry. The French will not be easy. On the other hand, in this situation the best of themselves simply must remove Ngapet, centers, Tonyutti and Grebennikov in place, so it remains to be seen.

Well, another hidden favorite, in my personal opinion - the national team of Bulgaria. It seems to be too "lame duck" of recent years. A plus (- or rather, minus) unsuccessful attempt to once again return Kaziyski veteran, plus the injury was returned Georgi Bratoeva ... But the fact is, that Bulgaria plays a crucial psychology, mood. Suffice it to recall, that they were on the verge of victory over the Brazilians on home selection, leading in sets 2:0 and giving way to a third party 30:32. And then it worked - or rather, I stopped working - the same psychology. If the Bulgarians caught its wave, then it may slip on it to the very top.

A cheer for them, we will, if only because, there plays libero "Gazprom-Ugra" Teodor Teodor Salparov. And yet a number of players in the Super League - Sokolov, Penchev, Gotcev, SCREAM ... In general,, luck "brothers". As for the Dutch national team, it is - one-man show by Abdel-Aziz name. Or the name, and the name still Nemir? I, to be honest, confused. Anyway, it determines almost everything. Win any match to choose from? Perhaps, Yes. Win Olympic selection? Probably, not.

so, my bet to win: Serbia - 50%, France and Bulgaria - on 20%, the remaining 10% divided Germany and Belgium. Games start 5 January, finals - tenth. Now that we have a pause in the club volleyball, let's follow the teams battle!

by the way, two days later the same qualifying tournament kicks off in Asia, which qualify for the Olympic team will compete in China, Taiwan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Australia, South Korea, India and Qatar. There are clear favorites - Iran and Australia. In Africa, for a ticket to Tokyo compete Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana and Tunisia, North America - Canada, Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico, South America - Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. Just compare the level of competition, and you will come to the obvious conclusion - Delegation of the European teams at the Olympics it's time to expand. to arrange, eg, Battle between the second team in Europe, and the winners in Africa and the Americas. However, then, probably, It will be broken the representativeness of the continents in the tournament, where "the main thing is not to win, and participation ". But that's another topic.

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