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On a minor note

The game has been moved from 24 on 27 March, in connection with the tragic events in the Moscow region, three days was enough, so that the residents of Surgut will burn out in St. Petersburg. Literally nothing worked on the set, and resources, to change something during the meeting, there wasn't either

Zenit is higher class

After a long break, Petar Krsmanovic appeared in the home team with a splint on his arm. He scored the first point for his team in attack, but the visitors took the initiative in the opening thanks to a block on Rajab, 2:5. Krsmanovic organizes a passing ball with a serve, who finishes off Rodichev, Rajab corrects his attack, carries the first tempo strike in defense, 6:6.

Climax of the season

Gazprom-Yugra is approaching the climax of the season, We are waiting for a series of two matches to reach the quarterfinals of the playoffs with St. Petersburg Zenit. The first game will take place 21 March at the Premier Arena, return meeting will take place 24 March in St. Petersburg. В случае равенства побед и очков после двух игр будет проведен «золотой» сет, который и определит, кто пойдет дальше. Турнирный расклад (we Read more »

We need to bring quality back

The hosts came out with Babkevich in the final game, and we had Rajab start in the position of central blocker - to give way to Dmitry Kurbatov after serving. However, all the tactical tricks of the first set were destroyed by the enchanting marriage of the opponents when the ball was put into play. Gazprom-Yugra first took on the dubious leadership, six mistakes by the middle of the set, but the owners caught up, issuing the final 10 (we 9).

Reconnaissance in force

On Sunday, Gazprom-Yugra will play the last match of the regular part of the championship in St. Petersburg with the local Zenit.. From a tournament point of view, this match has absolutely no meaning for us - we will not move up from 12th place, ни вниз. Каким составом проведут игру сургутяне, Considering, что максимально вероятный соперник в плей-офф у нас – Read more »

Mistakes beat desire

Petersburgers arrived in Surgut in a truncated number, but it was enough for victory. The attack was carried out by Fedor Voronkov, Timofey Tikhonov lit up the serve, and Semyon Krivitchenko cemented the defense and technique - yes, that no one remembered the absence of Zhenya Grebennikov. The hosts have Dmitry Kurbatov back in the lineup, and the shortage of finishers led to the appearance of Nikita Alekseev in this role during the match.

Let's give the fight to Zenit

St. Petersburg Zenit in Surgut is always serious and interesting. The guests played the match of the previous round last year, beating Enisey at home in five games, but were stuck in an unusual eighth place. Gazprom-Yugra needs rehabilitation procedures after the skating rink, under which the team fell in Novosibirsk. In terms of resources, the residents of Surgut are immeasurably far from Lokomotiv, and Read more »

Anderson's Tale

Gazprom-Yugra: Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Piun - Kirillov, Katich - Botin, Kabeshov/Vlaskov Zenit: Kobzar - Klyuka, Yakovlev - Yakutin, Anderson - Voronkov, Grebennikov Surgut team repeated the plot of the previous match in Kazan, having played on equal terms with a top opponent only the first half of the debut set. But the content of the matches differed., there were more positive moments in the reporting match, although the score is unlikely Read more »

Test by leaders, continuation

The calendar gave Gazprom-Ugra a formidable opponent in the final home game of the regular season: St. Petersburg "Zenith" came to us. The Surgut people would really benefit from a victory, but the opponent, with a recent defeat from the Nizhny Novgorod ASC, has driven himself into a corner - there is nowhere to retreat, Lokomotiv breathes in the back. So the guests from the northern capital came to Surgut to fight in earnest, don't shoot. G, you know, Read more »

29-first round: notes on the fly

The finish line is so fast, that the tours are practically "stuck together": no particular impression, but there is a certain general "smeared" picture. She, however, and more objective - several games in a row say more about the teams, than one game a week. Let's try to use the accumulated dynamics and draw a portrait of the 29th round. The intrigue is, what are the neighbors playing in the standings and Read more »