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"Dinamo-LO" (Pinery): Tyushkevich - Lytvynenko, Dovgan – Kolenkovsky, Biryukov – Schenkel, Shishkin/Vishnevetsky

"Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Krsmanovich - Shevlyakov, Rodichev – Korotaev, Obmochaev/Nagaets

The Surgut team failed the start of the match on Denis Schenkel’s gliders – 0:4, but returned on the serve of Vadim Ozhiganov, 5:5. Until the mark 10:10 it was an equal game, after which the hosts again scored four points in a row. Rajab could not beat the block on Ozhiganov’s passes, who gave way to Maxim Kirillov. But it was not possible to catch up with the opponent, the Dynamo block has become an insurmountable wall. Even two freeballs, mined from Rajab's feeds, failed to implement, as a result - 17:25.

In the second game Ozhiganov returned to the court, and after another block, Ivan Korotaev gave way to Dmitry Krasikov. We managed to establish a reception, attack started, and after Litvinenko’s shot into touch, Gazprom-Yugra took the lead for the first time, 7:6. The swing has begun, another freeball on Ozhiganov’s serve was not converted by Krasikov, 11:11.

With the score 12:13 Denis Shenkel sprained his ankle and left the court. Sosnovoborets' Todor Skrimov is injured, Marko Ivovic is not ready to play, therefore, the central Fannur Kayumov took the position of the finishing player. Naturally, the serve immediately flew towards him, which provided Rajab with an attack on the passing ball, 14:13. Nevertheless, Kayumov scores from the four for the first time in his career, 15:15.

It was the hosts who got to the end with a break advantage, 19:21 after blocking Rodichev at the end of a long rally. Return to Kirillov's clearing brought good luck: the Tyushkevich – Kolenkovsky connection is mistaken, and Rajab is accurate after Litvinenko’s softened attack, 22:21. At Dynamo-LO, Schenkel returned and restored the balance, 23:23. The denouement was short and named after Rodichev: Alexey first brought the team a set point, and then scored a victory with an ace to Biryukova.

In the third game, Nikita Nagaets cemented the back line: kept reception, and thanks to his efforts in defense and backup, we had many additional chances. Not everyone used it and not right away, but confidence in the rear gradually transferred to the net. However, it was nervous at first: Krasikov scored, failed the appointment, hit into touch and gave way to Nikita Alekseev, Ozhiganov passed Krsmanovic, and the account is already 9:13.

The return began with a mark 11:15, Nagaets is smartly insured, the team thanks the libero at the end of a long rally with a block to Schenkel. Ozhiganov is replaced by Kirillov again, Vadim’s unsuccessful passes into the fourth zone did not go unnoticed by the coaching staff. Rajab greets Maxim with an ace, Our block has finally started working - Litvinenko is closed. After a time-out by Alexander Klimkin, Radjab again knocks the hosts out of the reception, Shevlyakov throws away the passing ball, 15:15. Rajab is on fire and helps to escape Tyushkevich’s difficult serve, Shevlyakov poses a problem with his flat glider - this time Kirillov deals with the passing ball, 18:16.

The game seems to have turned upside down, but Biryukov’s ace keeps the intrigue, 22:21. The option of Krsmanovic on the front line works properly, stable Rajab, but Dynamo-LO has a good Schenkel, leaving the owners a chance, 24:23. On set point, Rajab's attack is softened by a block, Surgut residents are using the same weapons against Litvinenko: Rodichev and Shevlyakov stop the diagonal and score a point for the team.

In the fourth game, Rajab continues the extravaganza: twists the ball past the block into a line and makes another ace, 5:4. The hosts respond with Pirainen, who replaced Litvinenko, with an ace and two accurate attacks., 7:9. Kirillov drives Alekseev into a difficult situation with a quick pass, 7:10, but immediately corrects himself and delivers a series of devastating serves with an ace, 10:10. Sosnovoborets can’t do anything in the next play either., we have freeball, but an annoying touch on the net prevents you from developing success. Nagaets gives a second chance in attack to Alekseev, Schenkel, Pirainen, Krsmanovic - the battle is on. Shevlyakov scores beautifully and once again equalizes the score, Rajab takes the lead once again, 14:13.

Pirainen's block gives us a break advantage, 17:15, one more block, now Schenkel - 18:15! Surgut residents respond with the same weapons, from which they suffered at the beginning of the match. Libero Barabash in the form of a finishing player replaces Biryukov on the back line, and Kolenkovsky targets the empty first zone with his serve, the ball falls at the feet of Rajab, who comes running to change position, 18:17. Answered by Krsmanovic, another block to Schenkel, ace Kirillova – 21:17! Great starting point for the ending.

But then Tyushkevich throws out three magnificent serves., which no Nagaets can cope with, neither Obmochaev: two aces plus a finish, 21:21. After this, the setter served out, and in the next play I decided to surprise the Surgut team with a pass to the first tempo. In vain: Krsmanovich waited and literally ate Kayumov, 23:21. In fact, this was the key moment of the set, and matcha. Barabash immediately made a mistake in the usual case, sending the ball after Alekseev’s simple glider straight under Rodichev’s attack. Well, Schenkel’s attack put an end to it: we beat a team twice a season, which is in current fourth place.



Date Time Championship
16.01.2024 20:00 CR 2023-2024


Dinamo-LO (Linen. region.)252323211
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)172525253


g. Pinery

Dinamo-LO (Linen. region.)

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Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)

1 2 3 4 5 S K E FACING B PTS