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Open week of Gazprom-Ugra

After the end of the season, Gazprom-Ugra did not close the balls in the warehouse, Alekseev stalled at the shooting - there were questions about transfers, held an "Open Week" - two master classes and an open training session. Volleyball players and coaches of a professional team gave the first lesson of mastery to students of volleyball departments of sports schools in Surgut, the second was held for students within the walls of Surgut State University.

The week ended on Sunday with an open training session at the Premier Arena. Active participation in the event, which took place on a positive note, was taken by almost all pupils of the volleyball departments of the SDYUSSHOR-1, SDUSSHOR "Ermak", their parents and coaches, team fans. Gazprom-Ugra players had a full training session, showed basic and special exercises, talked about the nuances of training professional athletes. And all this in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Generally, everyone liked it!

So let's keep going!