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The first long-awaited

Gazprom-Yugra gets its first victory in the championship, but the youth of "Fakel" drank a lot of blood from the people of Surgut. In the first set, reconnaissance in force - "Torch" came off by four points, the owners caught up - ended in a protracted game of "eat for rent" and, Consequently, endgame swing. Flawless in the opening of the game, in the end Babkevich shoots out - 22:21. Rajab Shahbanmirzayev comes out to serve from the spare square and draws an ace on his fellow countryman Omar Kurbanov, 23:21. The touch of the net from the side of the guests promises the Surgut people a calm ending, 24:21, but this is not today's story. Rukavishnikov gives not the best passes, 24:24. The set ends with a measurement of the bombarding qualities of the diagonal, in which with the score 3:1 Nikita Alekseev wins, 27:25.

In the second game after the bloc to Babkevich (7:3) "Torch" makes a double replacement, Morozov and Vyshinkov appear. Cannot be said, that they made a breakthrough in the game, but with a reverse double, one break ball was eaten, 12:9. But the Belarusian diagonal made two mistakes right after his return - he threw it into touch and twisted the ball into the net., 14:9. Then the Belarusian adjusted the cannon, but his counterpart was on fire, recouping the block. The joint between Alekseev and Kurbanov after the game episode ended with mutual red cards, and the score, meanwhile, promised the owners an easy finish walk, 19:14. But the residents of Novy Urengoy decided to use all the money., and the bet was played - Gazprom-Yugra, knocked out of the reception, lost the net as well, 21:21. As a result, the teams reached the “30” mark and the guests were the first to do so., this time the final skirmish remained with Babkevich.

In the third set, psychology decided everything. Surgut residents seriously added to mobility and aggression - two saved in defense of the ball and a block to Babkevich, 9:5. Zhukovsky issues an ace to Makarenko, he responds equally powerfully and Kovalev carefully handles the challenge ball, 11:7. The hosts successfully mitigate the attacks of Kurbanov and Dineikin from the fourth zone, which gives a lot of pre-game moments, Lukyanenko, who came out instead of Rukavishnikov, begins to feed the first pace and bring Kovalev to a convenient pipe, Yakutin is useful on the block, 22:13. With such a huge advantage, Yakutin first does not finish off the challenge ball, and then attacks into the block. It's OK, but the Novy Urengoy people seized on the last chance and they almost succeeded, 22:18 after a series of fierce innings by Kurbanov. Kovalev turned out to be a lifesaver. He was pretty much driven at the reception, but on the net he scores emergency balls three times, 25:19.

The fourth set and the same scenario - the Surgut residents transform a lot of the extra games obtained by the block and insurance into points. Ace Yakutina, Okolich block on Dikarevo, 15:8. After Kurbanov was sent out on the scoreboard 18:10, but karma is relentless - you need a valid final. Surgut's reception is falling apart again, and it is not always possible to perform feats on emergency balls in attack. On the killer power gliders of Dikarev 18:11 turns into 18:15. And then the Novy Urengoy team twice dragged dead balls in defense., and Kurbanov manages a crazy attack under the arms of the blocker, 20:18. Alekseev hits out, Dineykin draws up an ace, 20:20. Another block to Nikita and a desperate kick of Kovalev out-of-bounds on a difficult ball put all the chances into the hands of the guests., 22:24. At the decisive moment, "Torch" failed to film twice, and the Surgutyans responded with two attacks from the fourth zone - Ilya Kovalev is flawless at the right moment, 25:25. Then, at the end of a protracted rally, Babkevich hits the block and match-ball at Gazprom-Ugra from a spot. Alekseev serves well, Lukyanenko raises Babkevich's discount, Surgutyan softens the repeated attack of Dineykin with a block and the point is naturally put by the diagonal Surgutyan.

Nikita Alekseev returned to big volleyball today, after doing exactly that work, expected from the diagonal. A plus was the exit of Ivan Lukyanenko, Ilya Kovalev did not disappoint in difficult moments, played wisely by Dmitry Makarenko, Yegor Yakutin was very helpful. Minus - serial failures in reception, which the team still affords. With a more experienced opponent, such a game will not go unpunished.. Well, the "Fakel" can see huge potential with the naked eye, which young players, certainly, still will reveal.

Mikhail Nikolaev, head coach of VK "Fakel" (New Urengoy): Played with big swings, with a lot of mistakes of its own. Young guys, experience and skill are still lacking. Were close to that, to earn at least one point, probably, somewhere and luck was not enough. The hosts had a rough start to the season, really wanted to win today and also played with swings. But through experience they were able to achieve their goal, Congratulations.

Timofey Zhukovsky, captain of VK "Fakel" (New Urengoy): It was good for the audience, but today there was not a very high quality volleyball. I want to congratulate the Surgut team on the victory, and we made a lot of mistakes today. We knew this from the beginning of the season - the team is very young, here is the Super League, people do not forgive such balls. But nothing, we will work further, we will strive to win. At the end of the fourth set, there was not enough courage, we started to fold too much, and if you don't score, they will score for you.

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): The game is hard, there were many own marriages, but we achieved victory, what our fans were really looking forward to. Volleyball is psychology, we have now seen our weaknesses in this regard. We can't see it through to the end, fall into some extraneous things. Victories make us stronger and give us an understanding, what we can achieve as a result of hard work in training.

Dmitry Makarenko, captain of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" (Surgut): Long awaited, heavy, tortured victory. But victory is victory - I think, that the team will now believe in themselves. We have done a very great job, farther, I think, will be better. There are no weak teams in the Super League, Fakel has a lot of young ambitious players, they will prove every game, that it is not in vain that they play in the Super League. Will add with every game.



Date Time Championship
29.10.2021 19:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)272825273
Fakel (New Urengoy)253019251


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"