Kazan won the class

Alekseev in the opening twice bumps into the block of Kazan - 0:2. Angry, Nikita shoots a couple of great serves, allowing Gazprom-Yugra to return to the game, 4:5. An equal fight in the first set went up to the mark 14:15, after which Dmitry Volkov raged. First, he scored confidently from the fourth zone, and then gave out a series of diverse serves, to which the receiving Surgut could not find the keys, and the bloc of Kazan residents completed the matter. 14:22 left no doubt, that Zenit will take the set, 16:25.

In the second batch, the hosts already saw an aggressive serve., and the citizens of Kazan remained without breaks on the assigned balls. Ace Makarenko - 9:7. The turn to serve at the Bednzh's is a knocked out trick, 10:12. fracture? Not, the hosts are fighting: Alekseev in a horizontal jump with one leg scores an emergency ball on the block, 13:15. Rukavishnikov knocks out Volkov, 16:16. Makarenko first gives Kovalev a chance to score a challenge ball, and then, with another ace to Volkov, he makes Alexei Verbov make an emergency replacement of Dmitry with Yuri Berezhko. Another knocked out trick and Poorknife failed to beat the triple block, 20:17.

Perhaps, the key rally took place at the mark 20:18. A protracted rally with mutual chances on the grid ended with Poor Knife's kick out-of-bounds - through touching the blockers. On Christensen's serves, Kovalev cannot do anything with the Kazan block on the assigned balls, and then the Zenit blockers reach Alekseev, 20:22. Surgut had one more chance when counting 21:22, but Kazan miraculously saved two balls on a safety net, and Mikhailov filigreely threw for the block, 21:23. Ace Bednozha and another stubborn rally lost by the owners completed the picture of the set, in which the owners had a chance of success, 21:25.

In the third game, Christensen fully spun Mikhailov's flywheel, Zenit had a serve, and the block cemented the sky. at level 9:18 Verbov spun and released Poroshin and Zemchenka to the site, and taking into account Surmachevsky who came out a little earlier, he updated half of the composition. With such a Zenit, Gazprom-Yugra was quite tough to play - the Surgut team won the last segment 10:7 and even forced Werbov to use both timeouts. But the handicap was too great, Zemchenok put an end to the game, 19:25.

The game left an ambivalent impression. In a nutshell: Zenit-Kazan - car, where Christensen is a computer, and the percussion trio Mikhailov-Bednozh-Volkov is a flywheel for the extraction of glasses. At the same time, the team looks solid in almost all elements and does not float in difficult situations. Surgut residents showed a great desire, spent some good stretches, but in general, of course, just lost in class. Pleases gaining momentum Makarenko, despite the terrible statistics, at times Alekseev was similar to the diagonal, etc., but for now we still lack that same integrity and concentration, the ability to take a punch and use your chances in cold blood. The feed has flown - it's already good, but in the attack against the tall block of the opponent, ingenuity was in the region of zero. However, all key games for Surgutyans are still ahead, while we are getting in shape and trying to bite favorites.

Alexander Volkov, captain of VC "Zenith" Kazan: We had a very difficult flight, we flew here 18 hours. This is the first time in my life, when we covered such a short distance for so long. Well nothing, it happens. Therefore, we didn’t work out yesterday., just warmed up. The most important task was to carry out a tactical installation for the game, which was done. Dismantled the opposing team well, chose certain directions of attack, did well on the block.

Alex Verbov, head coach of VC Zenit Kazan: Today we thought less about the rival, but thought more about your game, regardless of the account - I liked it. There were many spectators, when we see so many people in the stands, this is another emotion, and another attitude, so thanks to those, who's come. We didn't have the easiest flight, sat all night at the airport due to fog, it affected the movements. But we need to develop a mentality of winners regardless of external conditions., regardless of the opponent, regardless of account. While athletes give their best in any situation, whether in the game or in training - they grow. Today, I find, we took a small step forward. As for the opponent, it was clear, that the team is fighting to the end, Well done, but today it was very difficult with our submission and against our block.

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra": We played with a high-profile opponent, one of the best teams in our championship, and in the world ranking. We ran into a very good tight serve today, so far this is the strongest serve, what we saw. the, that we are fighting to the end, do not give up - this is a pleasant moment, but still lacks stability, still a lot of their own marriage. We play almost without a diagonal, we wait, until Nikita Alekseev picks up his condition.



Date Time Championship
15.10.2021 19:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)1621190
Zenit-Kazan (Kazan)2525253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"