No glasses and no pessimism

There is a score on the scoreboard, but there is an impression of the game. Gazprom-Yugra lost match, but I do not feel pessimism from the performance of our team. Lokomotiv won in the case, largely due to the flying crazy feed, in which there is nothing to reproach our hosts with. Otherwise, under the circumstances, the residents of Surgut looked quite good..

The first set was an equal fight, although here, too, the game on the set took place in different conditions: we attacked more often on assigned balls, and the hosts brought the ball to Konstantin Abaev without any problems. But our side-gamers Nikishin and Kovalev were doing their job very well., what Savin answered, Luburic and Perrin. As you can see, our diagonal has passed the set in sleep mode, Rukavishnikov activated Shakhbanmirzaev closer to the end, 18:20, and then Kovalev makes a mistake in Savin's reception, 19:20.

Then there was a key rally with a protracted rally, in which Kovalev managed to raise Luburich's attack, and Perrin only bounced back from the block on the third attempt. The Canadian's mistake left the intrigue behind the curtain, 21:22, all the more so since Gazprom-Ugra started supplying with Dmitry Krasikov, not appearing on the set for three years. He served well, but the owners coped and Perrin was rehabilitated from the second zone, 21:23. Well, then there was a double breakdown in the most problematic formation with Shakhbanmirzaev in the fourth zone, Rajab failed to realize his chances, 21:25.

In the second game, Rukavishnikov led the game through the third zone, regardless of the quality of the reception - it paid off. Feeding block - Kovalev attacks with a pipe on a clean net, 7:5. The next wave is playing back from the block from the edges of the grid, Rajab's roll into the "cauldron", 13:10. But the Surgut mechanism was destroyed by Dmitry Lyzik. Three aces of the young central in a row and Lokomotiv are already ahead, 13:14. Powerful Perrin serve - Savin scores a challenge ball, 15:17. Questions to our hosts at least, it flew very powerfully. In the end, Shakhbanmirzaev did not help out again, Savin also noted an ace, 18:23, It is done, 19:25.

Well, in the third set, the hosts finally uncovered their cannons on the pitch., earning this element a huge handicap. Ace Lysica, 7:4. Ours are coming up - Rukavishnikov's pass past Okolich's hand lands in the opponent's court, 12:13, but get knocked down in a series of Savin's crazy innings, 12:20. Actually, these feeds made the set, 14:25. Another time I would start talking about the quality of the reception, but everything is simple here: I haven't seen for a long time, for such a powerful feed to fly with such stability, moreover, several players at once. It was not Gazprom-Yugra that lost, and Lokomotiv won a well-deserved victory, with which we congratulate him. And the game of Surgutyans, honestly, liked. Yes, there was nothing to oppose on the same pitch, Yes, the diagonal did not flash again, somewhere they did not work out in the reception ... But in general, we also have arguments, allowing to fight on equal terms with the championship winners. So let's pick up the pace and fight on.



Date Time Championship
02.10.2021 17:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


locomotive (Novosibirsk)2525253
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2119140


Novosibirsk, str. Hippodrome, d. 18, "Locomotive arena"
Locomotive arena, 18, Ippodromskaya street, central District, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk region, Siberian Federal District, 630005, Russia