Gazprom-Yugra before the season

Traditional pre-season press conference of the Gazprom-Yugra VC with the participation of the head coach Anton Malyshev, club manager Vladimir Kondusov, team captain Dmitry Makarenko and Ukrainian legionnaire Ilya Kovalev passed as never before. Journalists and fans have accumulated questions - the club representatives answered them as sincerely as possible..

About the state of the team

Anton Malyshev: We considered the past cup games as training, have not had a single gaming session before, so we developed our connections during the Cup. We looked at various combinations, changed the composition, played enough games, to understand the pros and cons of the work done.

There are many new recruits in the team - this is the central Ivan Ropavka, diagonal Nikita Alekseev, sideplayers Dmitry Makarenko and Ilya Kovalev, binder Ivan Lukyanenko, libero Alexey Kabeshov and Nikita Eremin. As you can see, we have extensively updated the roster and now we have a good rotation, but players still need time, to become a team.

Vladimir Kondusov: For the second year we are on the path of restructuring, this is not an easy movement. I would also like to note, that the same Ilya Kovalev immediately, no training, entered the game - he has yet to adapt. In addition, due to the covid pandemic, in preparation for 2-3 players dropped out for weeks, so there is a different level of fitness. This does not relieve us of responsibility for the result., just food for thought. G, by the way, we have not completed the package yet. The second legionnaire will appear on the team tomorrow, let's keep his last name a secret for now. maybe, add another experienced player.

About readiness for the championship

Dmitry Makarenko: everyone is very energized to fight, and the mood will rise, when will we win. I think, that the team and physically, and morally away from the Cup, we will be able to clean up the roughness and by the beginning of the championship we will be ready to show, why are we here. As for tough opponents at the start - the ball is round. No matter, who is on the other side, it is important to believe in yourself, build on your game and your mood. If everyone does their best, there are no barriers for the team.

About the transition to Surgut

Ilya Kovalev: I am very glad to appear in this club. Russian Championship is one of the strongest in the world, so the choice was simple. Compared to the Ukrainian championship, I can say, what are the best halls here, higher level of players and you will have to fly a lot. I was greeted at the club well, everyone supports and helps, so so far only positive feelings. I'm not afraid of the frosts of Surgut, it's even interesting to be outside at minus forty. As for volleyball, then I set myself the same goal, as the team - to get into the playoffs of the Super League.

About the playing hall

Vladimir Kondusov: Now the process of transferring the Premier Arena hall from the jurisdiction of the Surgut region to the city administration is underway, hope, that the process will be completed soon. And even then we will count on support from the city. Over the past years, Gazprom Transgaz Surgut has helped us a lot with the maintenance of the hall., our friends and sponsors. Through their efforts, the hall remains at a very high quality level., although his original design did not include any stands, no volleyball at all. As for the construction of a new volleyball complex - land has been allocated, cadastral work in progress, a project is being developed. But there is no understanding yet, who and in what shares will participate in the construction.

About youth

Vladimir Kondusov: in a subsidiary team of the Youth Volleyball League, which is now called YUKIOR, remained, primarily, guys 2003 year of birth and younger. The team has the same task: confirm, that Ugra youth is one of the best in the country.

Anton Malyshev: Four YUKIOR players completed their training with Gazprom-Yugra, who now went to Khanty-Mansiysk. While their class is not enough for the Super League, it is necessary to gain game practice in MVL. We will keep an eye on them, and also for those guys, who we rent in other clubs.