Second day: without owners

The first to face off on Wednesday were Yugra-Samotlor and Novosibirsk Lokomotiv. Denis Chereiskaya, Oleksiy Rodychev, Plamen Konstantinov could have some romantic feelings at the "Premier Arena", but most likely thought about, how to have a successful debut match of the season. They succeeded quite well, although nizhnevartovsk residents resisted conscientiously.

true, in the first game, a special struggle did not work out - with 17:15 Novosibirskians on tight feeds of Rodichev went to 22:15 and brought the matter to a natural victory 25:18. The second set developed along a similar scenario., Lokomotiv gradually picked up speed and, towards the end, accelerated to 25:19. Ruslan Galimov felt nostalgic for Surgut at Samotlor, tried to prove the consistency of the alma mater Maxim Sapozhkov, but Savin, Kruglov and Co. were slightly higher, stronger, faster.

But in the third set there was a smell of fried: after Chereisky hit the bloc, Tisevich changes Abaev, and the account is already 7:10 in favor of "Samotlor". Nizhnevartovsk residents "corrected" the situation with their own marriage, 10:10, but then they grabbed the head and the ball - Galimov scores, the block closes Lyzik and ace, 11:14. With the score 13:16 on the back line instead of Savin came Gordon Perrin, and Sapozhkov drives the ball into the court from the serve, 14:19. The evening completely ceases to be languid, Novosibirsk residents are trying to escape and they almost succeed on the flag thanks to two consecutive aces performed by Lyzik, 23:24. But the decisive moment Ugra residents did not flinch, and Verny took the ball off his shoulder, 23:25.

Sensing new opportunities, Samotlor grabbed the opponent in the fourth set. Until the mark 18:18 Lokomotiv could not shake off the pursuers, but in the end Chereisky scored twice, and Litvinenko sent the ball out-of-bounds in a protracted rally, 23:20. It remains to endure, until Sapozhkov, who came out instead of Nazar, repeats his mistake, 25:21 and 3:1 - not an easy victory for Novosibirsk.

Then the updated "Yenisei" examined the second line-up of "Kuzbass". Igor Yurichich kept his promise, given the day before - gets to know the team better. Leaving Butko in the square, Shcherbakova, Markin, Obmochaev and Karpukhova, he released Krechetov into the case, Саемщикова, Sivozheleza and Pakshin. The first set for conditional stunt doubles ended with workers 25:22.

In the second game, the rivals went in the "take-out" mode until the end., where Kuzbass was one step ahead. So 13:12 turned into 20:19, and then Konstantin Osipov, a binder of "Yenisei", puzzled Kemerovo residents with two aces in a row, turning the account on 21:22. In the end, the Pakshin block brought two set-balls to Krasnoyarsk, the first was played by the same Pakshin, and the second "Kuzbass" gave himself a mistake in the serve, 23:25.

Yurichich is forced to release instead of Pakshin Markin, but the advantage in the third batch is given to Kuzbass with difficulty - 12:11, 17:16. A viscous game suddenly breaks up into a simple, it would seem that, filing Krechetov, "Yenisei" can not establish a reception in any way and, Consequently, attack, having received 22:16 into karma. Further, again, technical matter, 25:19. Well, in the fourth set, the Krasnoyarsk team stopped all kinds of organized resistance already in the opening., 10:5, increasing the gap to 17:7 and 25:15. Overall, Yenisey looked better, than in the match with Samotlor, but it still wasn't enough for more, than taking one set from Kemerovo residents.