The first day: two "crackers"

In the debut match of the season "Gazprom-Yugra" lost dry to Kemerovo "Kuzbass", although the start of the match took place in an absolutely equal fight. The opponents gave each other seven points by mistakes in the serve and came to the end of the first set nose to nose, 19:19. Then Vladimir Shyenshchikov's exit to serve, who knocked out Kirill Kostylenko with his glider, and Ivan Nikishin in the next drawing by attacking to the block for the first time brought the opponent an advantage of two points, 19:21. Then "Kuzbass" twice grabbed Rajab Shakhbanmirzayev, and Alexander Markin put the end to the ace, 21:25.

The start of the second game was overslept by the people of Surgut on the serve of Alexander Butko - 0:5. In addition to the tight binder feeds from Kemerovo, the lack of interaction between Ivan Lukyanenko, who came out to pass, with the attackers worked in the red.. Instead, Evgeny Rukavishnikov reappeared, and all attempts to get the opponent did not lead to success. As soon as the supply of Surgutyan was cut, managed to close the gap to a maximum of three points, but things were not going well in the fourth zone. The rotation of Kostylenko and Fialkovsky in the middle of the set did not help either., and the opponents were flawless as outplayers, and Viktor Papazov as a diagonal, 20:25.

The third set started again with Butko's spurt on the serve, 0:4. Further, the struggle was tied up only sporadically., when Artem Dovgan pushed the pick of Kuzbass away from the net with a power serve and the heroic efforts of his partners led to the capture of break balls. One of these pranks, when Rukavishnikov pulled the ball almost from the opponent's bench, brought a work point and hope (10:14). But then Shakhbanmirzaev failed to beat the block, and touching the net on the block and two unsuccessful removals of Kostylenko led to unpromising 10:18. The game ended at the mark 18:25 Papazov's attack, who scored that day, it seems, everything.


Igor Yurichich, head coach of VK "Kuzbass": This was our first match after preparing for the season., we're glad, that we can play and feel the rhythm. Played well, didn't make many mistakes, played well in the block-defense component. We started the match from the serve, as a result, the opponent had a lot of problems in reception, and we, vice versa, raised a lot of balls. We got a certain boost of optimism for tomorrow, for future games, for the championship. We are not yet very familiar with each other., i will watch our game, analyze, gets acquainted with the capabilities of the guys and prepares for the next matches.

Alexander Butko, captain of VK "Kuzbass": It was important to win, we have a lot of players, I'm new too, it was important to find a relationship for confidence. The quality of the game is not very good yet, but everyone tried, there was a lot of desire. Now all teams have time after training camp, so you shouldn't wait for super quality. It's not easy to play here in the season, Surgut will add further.

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra": The game was uneven, started well, and then my own marriage went, the uncertainty got out, disorganization. The opponent showed, that he is above the class, we need to add. Played poorly on block and serve, we were just stretched out on the block. But this is only the first game of the season, we will establish interactions.



Date Time Championship
07.09.2021 18:30 CUP OF RUSSIA 2021. MEN. PRELIMINARY STAGE.


Kuzbass (Kemerovo)2525253
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2120180


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"

Ugra-Samotlor and Yenisei were the first to enter the Premier Arena teraflex today. Our neighbors won a predictable win with a score 3:0 over Krasnoyarsk, who arrived in Surgut without their leaders Ereshchenko, Scrimova and Kletsa. Igor Kovalikov passed against his former team with Enisey: perhaps this helped his team play on an equal footing in the opening of the set.

Ace Pluzhnikova brought Samotlor forward, 9:8, then another newcomer from Nizhnevartovsk Shpilev scored in the finish. Recovering from the block, he increased the lead to three points, 13:10. Litvinenko scores from the second zone after Kulikov's attack raised in defense, 15:11. Yuri Filippov's time-out does not bring a turning point, the next break, the new coach of "Yenisei" takes at the mark 13:19, immediately after which Shpilev knocks out Yanutov's serve, 20:13. In the end, on Danila Gavrilov's serves, Krasnoyarsk players are catching up with 18:23 to 21:23, but the feat did not work out, 22:25.

The second set passed, as they say, in one gate - 14:7 and 25:14 in favor of "Samotlor". In the third game, "Yenisei" clung to the game to the mark 14:14, after which the team of Nizhnevartovsk began to bite off the break balls, approaching the end in a comfortable environment, 21:17. By playing on the block, success was developed to 23:18, and the end was put by Maxim Shpilev with an attack from the second zone, 25:19.

Thus, after the first day of victory, Samotlor and Kuzbass chalked it up, and Novosibirsk Lokomotiv has not yet entered the fight.