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First victory!

In the preview, I wrote about miracles on New Year's Eve, but the first victory of Gazprom-Ugra in the season should not be included in this category. Yes, Enisey played with only recovering Kirill Klets and without Todor Skrimov called up to the national team, but what do we care? Surgutyans left, habitually stalled in the first set, and then bulldozed the opponent.

In the opening of the match after an equal start (5:5) Dmitry Zhuk made it difficult for the people of Surgut - 5:8 in favor of the owners. And then, on the feeds of Roman Zhos, we swam finally - no reception, not a dog, no final actions, 6:15. The saddest memories of the season came to mind, but ... our team is already different. I didn't quit playing. Kostylenko puts a single block on Ereshchenko (8:15), Dovgan knocks out Yanutov's reception with a serve (10:16), Fialkovsky, released this time at the start and played the entire match, closes Aksyutin's attack (16:18). You could try to save this set too, but Rukavishnikov continued to disagree with the ball and partners, 16:20.

And then they did not give up: two attacks by Fialkovsky, ace of Chereisky - 19:21. After a timeout, Alexander Klimkin shifts the focus to Ereshchenko, he does not fail, 19:23. At the very end, Shakhbanmirzaev stops the Yenisei's movement to victory, 23:24, but Fialkovsky, the risk, serves out - the first set was given on the flag. Already a bonus to team karma.

In the second set 4:4 we turn into 8:4. Klimkin's early timeout, and the account is already 11:5 after ace Rukavishnikov. Over and over again, Surgut residents work out in defense and implement the game over the edges, where Rukavishnikov finally found the right gear speed. Enisey is trying to change the game with substitutions, but the superiority of the Surgutyans is already double-digit - 18:9, 20:10. Substitutes Piskarev and Gavrilov get acquainted with our block, and the game calmly rolls to its logical conclusion, 25:15.

The hosts did not recover from such a blow, and in the opening of the third game - three blocks, two attacks and an ace, 6:0. Klimkin is looking for a fulcrum again, but all, what does Yenisei manage – "Mothball" the course of the meeting, I can't win back the handicap. Fialkovsky is very useful in defense and clever in attack., pulls the strap Chanchikov, Rukavishnikov, finally getting used to, begins to find the first tempo. The whole team plays like a well-coordinated ensemble, against which "Yenisei" looks like a set of individual performers. 16:10 we turn into 20:12, and the ending seems to be an easy walk. But then Ereschenko wakes up and gives out a series of branded feeds - ace, knocked out reception, and now the scoreboard is already alarming 21:18. In such a situation, captain Kirill Kostylenko shifts the formation., confidently hammering from high gear on an organized block. Chereisky puts a full stop, 25:19.

In the fourth set, "Enisey" finally demoralized, when Piskarev failed to finish the ball to the floor, attacking on a clean grid - 7:2. Aksyutin immediately changes him, Klets goes into the diagonal, but the residents of Surgut have already caught a crazy courage in defense and simply do not let the ball fall to their side. The beetle could not resist and blocked Rukavishnikov's net transfer, Ereschenko fires out, 14:6. The situation becomes very clear: residents of Surgut won't give up the match. Kostylenko answers the ace of Klets with ace, 19:11. And then Chanchikov and Fialkovsky pulled out two attacks of the opponent, and Rukavishnikov throws off with both hands, 11:20. An attempt to load at the end of Klec works by half - he scores two out of four, and the last ball goes out-of-bounds, 25:15.

More than confident and well-deserved victory for Gazprom-Yugra, first and last in the past year (if we take the current season). Surgut residents have noticeably improved teamwork, demonstrating their current trump cards - tenacious play in defense, fast, block breaking game in attack. When it goes - Gazprom-Yugra can “butt” with any rival. Another thing, that not everything is smooth and polished yet, at the start of the match, I had to look for the right level of interaction. But most importantly, что он был найден и Новый Год мы будем встречать в приподнятом настроении с надеждами на будущее.



Date Time Championship
29.12.2020 17:00 Russian championship 2020-2021


Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk)251519151
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)232525253
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