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Imposed a battle on "Kuzbass"

Already in the opening with two aces in a row Sivozhelez marked the superiority of "Kuzbass", 4:1, and then the "thresher" of Petar Krsmanovich came into play. To the credit of the owners, they did not flinch, caught up with the opponent and even took the lead - excellent play in defense of Chanchikov and Nikishin in attack brought results, 12:11. The owners went one step ahead until the very end, where two more aces stumbled (from Sivozhelez and Shcherbakov, 18:20), and again a productive game from the Serb, 22:25.

In the second set, Nikishin's three confident attacks in the fourth zone (8:6) forced Alexey Verbov to take an early time-out. It worked - 9:12 after Zaitsev's attack. at level 15:16 residents of Surgut did not understand, to whom to pass, and lost a key rally, because immediately ace Zaitseva pushed them back by three points, 15:18. The owners managed to sneak up at arm's length in the ending, 22:23 after Rukavishnikov's discount, but again Krsmanovich is good, and Shakhbanmirzaev could not beat the block, 22:25.

Nevertheless, Shakhbanmirzaev played a good match - 5:3 after his quick attack from Rukavishnikov's excellent pass. The Gazprom-Ugra binder floated on the waves, then demonstrating high class, then failing in obvious situations. Meanwhile, the Surgutyans had an aggressive serve, and Dovgan closed the block of Tavasiev who came out instead of Shcherbakov, 10:7. Artem got to serve at the mark 11:8, and left - on 16:9. In a constellation with Zaitsev in the fourth zone, Dovgan provided Kuzbass with a knocked-out reception and solve problems. Kobzar sent Sivozhelez in the second zone over and over again, where he didn't score anything.

Karpukhov almost dragged the guests into the reciprocal intrigue, having a series of powerful serves and shifting the score with 20:11 on 20:15. Ace Krsmanovich, 21:17 and its feed into the net, Kostylenko takes revenge with an attack for, that he was tormented in reception - 23:17. Surgut residents again have problems handling feeds, unsuccessful pass from Rukavishnikov - 23:20. But Roman Pakshin failed to track the rebound from the block into his own head, and the decisive point was obtained by the same Kostylenko with an excellent blow on the assigned ball through a triple block, 25:20.

Anton Karpukhov became Kemerovo's frontman in the fourth set. In the opening, he implemented two attacks and issued two aces, 8:4. Then partners joined his efforts in serving, and Gazprom-Yugra's reception completely collapsed. Passing quality has dropped, the strikers could barely manage to throw the ball over the net, getting meaningful and sharp play-offs. Generally, by the middle of the set, the guests' advantage became twofold, 16:8. The owners managed to organize something similar to the chase already in the hopeless ending, at level 14:24. Shakhbanmirzaev scored in the line, flashed ace, gave the opportunity to distinguish Chereysky and put the assigned ball into the clearing himself in the final game, 18:24. How to know, what would his courage lead to, but Zaitsev's attack raised in defense flew right into the hands of Shcherbakov, who calmly scored a challenge ball, 18:25.

Head coach of VK Kuzbass Alexey Verbov: Basically, this is a normal situation, when you drive 2:0 some psychological advantage is gained by the losing team. This is the reality of the game, not unsettled. Today Surgut played the whole match with high quality, in the third set they pressed us down with a serve, we made some of our mistakes, lost confidence, and the opponent, vice versa, caught courage. Well done guys in the fourth game, played reliably, did not do anything stupid, the quality of the game was good. There are no weak opponents in the Super League now, no need to look at the table poles. Moreover, we have a difficult departure ahead, we need to tune in to it, work out your moments. Thanks to Surgut, that gave us a decent level of resistance, It `s that, what do you need.

Petar KRSMANOVI?A, central blocking VK "Kuzbass": It's always a pleasure to return to Surgut. Your guys are talented, but we go second, and we were favorites today. After 2:0 never easy, although we are so, probably, thought. Good, that we got together and won, took three points.

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra": We lost to an eminent opponent at the reception, plus a little bit was not enough, to play better balls in the endings of the first sets. Two weeks preparing, dismantled the opponent, coped with the same Zaitsev. The fourth set is psychology, same, like the third. Finally, we seem to have groped our composition and now we see and understand, what are our next steps.



Date Time Championship
27.11.2020 19:00 CR 2020-2021


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)222225181
Kuzbass (Kemerovo)252520253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"