Four years ago, we fought for the CEV Cup

Just in these days, four years ago, "Gazprom-Ugra" was playing on the top of his career,, so to speak, - in the CEV Cup final. 29 March was the first match played in Berlin, 2 April, the second leg in Surgut. Cup, we remember, our we not won - although the chances for this were. But circumstances intervened third party, that to some extent it unites the situation four years ago to the current. What is this similarity - will understand later, In the meantime, let us remember, how it was…

In Berlin, the site of the famous "Max Schmeling Halle" Surgut out that kind dark horse, and left a clear understanding, that the CEV Cup in Surgut is waiting for them. Losing hosts a tiebreaker left a lot of opportunities to win back, even more so - with his public.

In that match 29 Martha 2016 year on a platform reached Alexa binder Brdzhovich, diagonal Constantine Bakun, doigrovschika Rodichev Alex and Ian Ereschenko, central Apalikov Nikolai and Alexei Safonov, libero - Alex Kabeshov and Evgeny Andreev. The "Berlin" fold Croatian Belarusian origin Timothy Zhukovsky, diagonally - Australian Paul Carroll, in doigrovku - American Paul Lotman and the German Robert Cromm, in the center - Frenchman Nicolas Le Goff and the German Felix Fischer, libero - American Erik Shoji. Such is the Internationale, five players of the national teams.

The debut match was formed in favor of the guests - Surgut extracted four breykovyh ball on the pitch Bakun, 9:3. The hosts were tightened slightly, but in general in the ending rivals entered with the same disposition: "Gazprom-Ugra" in the lead, "Berlin" was trying to catch up. 19:16 the hosts managed to turn in 22:21, but Cromm unit brings Surgut critical point, 23:21. Le Goff and Apalikov exchanged attacks and "Gazprom-Ugra" produces just two set-bola. First regains Cromm, and the second - an ace - Carroll, 24:24. As a result, guests missed the victory from their mistakes - Ereschenko climbed into the net and hit out, and victory to the hosts attack offsite brought Bakun, 26:28.

The lost ending with great sadness remembered in the second game, in which "Gazprom-Ugra" completely dominated. Safonov one to one closes Fischer - 10:5. Ereschenko unscrews the ball on the block, 16:8. Generally, the chances of "Berlin" was no, 25:16 - and who knows, as it ended the game, Surgut will lead in the long run 2:0. But in fact, we received a "return flow" in the third set: 17:25. In the course set Ereschenko instead went to the site very young Anton Semyshev, but without much success. It was his attack to the opponent brought out set-ball, which is another ace realized Carroll.

The fourth set went stubborn: owners fought for the three-point victory, we struggled to translate the game to a tie-break. The decisive breakthrough success "Gazprom-Ugra" with a mark 17:17 - Carroll could not withdraw from the fourth zone, Block swatted him and Lotman at the other end of the grid - 20:17. The next draw Safonov had a great chance to further increase the gap, but the attack on the rolling ball fell into the hand of Le Goff But ..., produced benefits enough, the more so because the account 22:20 Surgut again powerfully moved onto the finish line - 25:20, Bakun dovisel on the block and returned rival discount Cromm.

A tiebreaker "Gazprom-Ugra" lost the match in the same arrangement, immediately after the change of sides. 7:8 It has become almost hopeless 7:12 - now Bakun could not score in the fourth zone. The "Berlin" was a full six-match Bolov (8:14), three of which Surgut managed to play - but not much else. Point quite clumsy, but effective attack delivered Fischer, 11:15.

Nevertheless, after the game to understand all, that a decisive advantage "Berlin" before the return game in Surgut create failed. Losing a lot of excitement, somewhere stands pressure yielding, "Gazprom-Ugra" in general, sustained load, not broken. And in the second leg, gaining confidence, could more strongly assert their rights for the Cup.

But "Gazprom-Ugra" lost CEV Cup before the start of the game, do not put on a match of leaders - Bakun, Brdzhovicha, APALIK. It was a necessary measure, personal decision Raphael Khabibullina, which he took on the background of unfolding in the days stories, if not hysteria, with meldonium. Remember, on the eve of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this drug suddenly appeared in the list of banned, and in the wake of its use began to deliberately catch Russian athletes. why Russian? Just meldonium was distributed on the territory of the former USSR, European and American counterparts under other names remained quietly in the legal field.

In February 2016 , the traces of the drug found in the volleyball team Alexander Markin, a hearing was scheduled just for mid-April. At that time, nobody really knew, what exactly we have to do - so players, potentially able to go to Rio de Janeiro, it was decided to remove from the platform of harm's way. remind, that after the Olympics 2016 year ban was lifted meldonium (conclusions on this occasion everyone can make himself), but before the game was not joking.

Someone wonder, that the area was not Nicholas Apalikova, but was, eg, Oleksiy Rodychev. The explanation is simple: Apalikov - a big name, Olympic champion. That is, potential sites for possible provocations. A Rodychev, being a team captain, he decided to go to the site, showed character.

But one character was not enough. Our lacked the Bakun power, the quality of transmission and height Brdzhovicha unit (Pavel Zaytsev pass with injury), experience Apalikova. As a result, "Gazprom-Ugra" predictably lost to "Berlin" 0:3 and failed to win the CEV Cup. Somewhere deep inside still lives resentment, It lost because the match was unequal terms. But if one analyzes the situation with a cool head, come to the conclusion - to do otherwise, substitute players, even a millimeter to deprive them of the opportunity to play at the Olympics, San Rafael was not able to Adilkhanov. People are always more important than wins.

Another confirmation of what has been the completion of the season. Pandemic broke all season, but only "Gazprom-Ugra", first held the first qualifying round match without spectators, once again putting himself in a losing situation, and on the second leg and does not go, in order to preserve the health of the players. The situation four years ago, and now really look like, at, of course, completely different degree of external threats. They look like the same reaction to what is happening. It was, so there, apparently, so it will be always in Surgut. pity, by and large, about nothing. do, and that can be, that is - "Gazprom-Ugra" made, that could. And the whole country is waiting for the return to life, remembering the pages of its history.