How to finish the season

Russian Volleyball Championship, like all other competitions, suspended - to better times. most unpleasant, no one knows, when these better times will come, and will come in the foreseeable future. Definitely call, or even about the passage of at least the acute phase of a pandemic coronavirus SARS CoV-2 can not nobody: neither doctors, nor power, any grandmother Valia from next door.

commands, formally remaining in the game, continue to train, but now it becomes clear, just keep in shape and wait for the weather at sea can be a week or two, maximum month. What's next? The situation is changing every day and it is likely, that the suspension of the tournament can and does directive cease - the benefit of the provisional did take place, and it is theoretically possible to fix the results as final.

For this scenario, the scenario now many lean - which, they say, drag out. And so it is understandable, pandemic - is here to stay, We need to think about health, instead of mass sport events. And keep in shape at the peak for a long time, without a full match practice - this is nonsense. In addition, the legionaries in Russian clubs - usually, leading players - experienced double stress for obvious reasons.

Generally, Kurzer, let's go home. important thing: to sum up the results of the championship at the end of the pre-tournament or somehow transfer isolation at a later date? We have one plus transfer: justice. Champion should be identified by the stated formula, the playoffs. It is to this team is ready, it tuned, This - the cherry on the cake.

The cornerstone of the question: when to hold deferred? The only option - late spring, May. In the most optimistic is the development of the situation, probably, it would be possible. If not for the, We have already talked about - the team is extremely difficult, if not impossible,, will maintain at least some semblance of form in the next one and a half or two months in almost quarantine conditions.

Dissolve all and reassembled in the summer? But there are teams, Olympic. by the way, not fact, that the Olympics also will transfer. In any case, play the playoffs in the summer - is not an option: or all teams, or will continue to operate a total ban on sports (now that the Olympics will take ...). That is, transfer in any case possible at best in the fall. But to finish the season is almost at the start of the new - is nonsense. Players are drawn only, and many will have time to change the club registration. agree, more than enough to play part of the pre-championship one composition, and the playoffs - other. Thesis about the fairness of the playoffs in one form or another bursting at the seams.

it seems, that there is no justice in fixing the outcome of the championship as a result of the preliminary part of the tournament. Solid innuendo, coupled with unmet ambitions.

But let's start with the fact, that the formula of this tournament was initially defective and, therefore not entirely fair. Number of rounds in the preliminary stage was cut to five, someone played with someone two matches, and someone - only one, someone spent more matches at home, someone - less ... They all agreed to these terms for the sake of the Olympic Games, but if we talk about justice - something it was not originally.

I say more: sports - this is not about justice. injuries, games in European competition, different flights, that bit you. Great sport - it's about skill, character, somewhere luck. About the arithmetic mean of these components, if it is a long enough, a, that is, and the relevant distance. All teams played on 19 games, all lined up depending on the results. Here is what to fix, if we do not lose the championship 2020 of the year.

Another thing, as complete in this case is "gold", "Locomotive", or, in front of, last place "Nova", which has seized the chance to wrestle for preservation of residence in the Super League. Personally, I think, that "Lokomotiv" deserved the championship - that is, jointly. If you can not see this on the court, can only afflict your fantasy machine ("And here we have them in the Final Six!…») and recognize the, what is. I think, that he himself "Locomotive" not so wanted to get first championship, but there's nothing to be done.

The situation is unpleasant for all, so it should be easy to make the most adequate. Officially ended the championship of Russia on the results of the preliminary competition. Congratulated the winners and prize-winners. Save all the participants failed play-out place for next season. It may be - to expand the Super League league teams "A", though not all of its winners are torn up: This can be discussed separately.

Anyway, it will make at least some order and clarity. In the current circumstances, any uncertainty is definitely better. And that, my personal opinion may be different from the views of the management of EC "Gazprom-Ugra".

Oleg Vladimirov