volleyball bowling: strike of podache

Conventionally, the match can be divided into two parts: in the first and third sets Surgut coped feed Muscovites, and the second and the fourth installment of the guests played with us in a kind of volleyball bowling, Embossing of serially receiving.

Already in the opening on the pitch Pavel Pankov Dynamo gained the first reserve - with 4:4 on 4:7. Surgut restored parity at around 11:11 - excellent labored in defense Teodor Salparov, Rukavishnikov and gave a couple of unexpected passes Dovgan. However, guests quite quickly again went ahead largely due to activity in the attack Sam Deru. When Kastylenka could not beat a single unit Pankov (16:20), thought, that bring the set to win the guests will be easy. But Kastylenka scored, Rukavishnikov and Dougan built double cover Belgian doigrovschika, and then Sam, ball "four by four", Scat his rope into touch, 19:20. Konstantin Bryansk forced to take a time-out - does not help: the "Gazprom-Ugra" in the protection of Plastal Alexander Boldyrev, giving odds on grid Kastylenka and muse - 21:20.

The next two lottery captain Surgut holds in the Dynamo box, 21:22. The first set-ball make Muscovites - Teodor Salparov perfectly brings to the binder powerful feed Pankov, but Dougan gets into touch, 22:24. Pankov does not deliver, Dougan and corrected to your feed: at Dynamo downed reception, than uses muse and Rukavishnikov on the rolling ball, 25:24. Owners have a good chance of winning, Muse but failed twice to reach the site, 25:25. Swing flew up to the mark 27:27, after which the word takes Zhigalov - scores and puts ace, 27:29. Surgut lost the first set, mainly, in the fourth zone - and especially Kastylenka Boldyrev seriously inferior to attack his opponents.

In the second set on an ace Zhigalova (0:2) эysom otvechaet Pluzhnikov (2:3), but then the hosts hit by a train. Ace Maar, 3:5 and - a magnificent series of three Pankov inside eysami, which, moving through a 5:8 on 5:14, set agreed starting. In the course of the play Schadilov replaced Boldyrev, Bryansk scrolled double substitution, but the difference remains the same by the end of the party, 16:25.

In the third set Surgut established reception, which ensured an equal start. at level 6:7 Rukavishnikova replaced Artem Habibullin and made the game fresh notes, jack up the pace and making an increased focus on the Muse. Maciej was convenient to attack on the ragged block, and when the opponent began to line up collectively against the Poles, bonding rebooted third and fourth zone. Kastylenka twice forced Deru disrupt reception and an account with 10:10 I went to 14:10. Two fast attack Muzaya - 17:12. Berezhko changing Belgian and immediately gets an ace from Khabibullina in their area of ??responsibility, 19:12. Dynamo tried to organize the chase, but the owners wisely used their advantage in the end, point discount puts Habibullin, 25:19.

In the fourth set clearly smell comeback - with a mark 7:7 the owners go on 10:7 inlet Schadylova. Key, as it turned out, rally lost Kastylenka, slapping on a single block out of bounds. instead hypothetical 11:8 few viewers saw 10:13 - it came to file Zhigalov and burned area, turning the game. Another ace Pankov (13:18) only confirmed the unconditional superiority of the guests on the pitch. In the end Galimov replaced Kastylenka, but twice he missed the pipe. Nevertheless, Surgut tried to get an opponent - Maar built wall in the fourth zone, and Schadilov marked Ace in Deru Sam, 18:22. I had the chance to approach another small step, but Galimov touched the net while mitigating attacks Zhigalova. The last two points "Dynamo" has extracted Pipe, 20:25.

The match of missed opportunities on the part of owners and master class on putting the ball into play from the visitors. "Gazprom-Ugra" is to make adjustments and try to continue the season next week, in Moscow.

Pavel Pankov, Captain VC "Dinamo" Moscow:

I think, without an audience is not interesting to play, but what to do. We played at their own pace, themselves and the players were, and fans. Surgut is always dangerous at home - give them the slightest chance to catch, they vgryzutsya him and will not give further play. So it was in the third game, they did not miss their chance. Good, in the fourth, we returned to your game, won by the supply unit and. We will prepare for the match in Moscow, tune in for a serious fight.

Konstantin Bryansk, head coach of the VC "Dinamo" Moscow:

Without an audience is not particularly emotionally get to play in a few points, It had a feeling, we have a friendly match. it's complicated. In the third party we are made a number of errors, in fact - given the set in a simple situation. Surgut was given to believe in yourself and then it was quite difficult. In the fourth game on the pitch Zhigalov made a good start, made a turning point in the game, and brought the matter before the end of. As for, how we will play in Moscow, with or without spectators, I do not know yet. Now all that is changing rapidly.

Maciej muse, Diagonal EC "Gazprom-Ugra" Surgut:

Without spectators were hard to play. We always have a lot of people, and it is a great support for us. I am always happy, when my girl is sitting on the podium. But I understand, why it happened, I think, this is a good decision. I know, what is happening in Poland, in Italy - about the same, played without spectators. As for the game - "Dynamo" today is very well supplied. The binder and the diagonal (Punks and Zhigalov - prim.avt.) long remained on the pitch, we could not withdraw. We also supply today is not flying. Today decided to feed. But the chances to win in Moscow, we are, although quite a bit of time - two days we practice and fly to Moscow. should forget, what happened today. If we play as well as against the "Zenith", We can keep the concentration, then there is a chance.

Yuriy Melnychuk, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra" Surgut:

Spectators are very important, they give emotional charge, much harder to play at the empty stands. We have the "home" team, a lot of good games gets home, including by the fans. Today we won the first set, the game could evolve differently. When we first set booster, usually, we then everything goes in the right direction. Today we do not have enough. We had a chance. such commands, as the "Dynamo", do not give a lot of chances, with them it is necessary to cling to every ball. Well, of course, "Dynamo" is now much better Serve. In the fourth installment of the seemingly took the lead, but just due to the excellent flow opponent failed. In the return game in Moscow will try to force the fight. The team is ready, We want to fight for six.



Date Time Championship
15.03.2020 18:00 CR 2019-2020


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)271625201
Dynamo (Moscow)292519253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"