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At the break,

The paradox is, that our club life the least ... writes about his own team. We present rivals, announce matches, We give some analyst - for the most part not currently, favorite. On it there are objective reasons, but now they will not prevent us to make out the bones his team. And then reassemble, shake and bless for the coming feats.

It is important to keep in mind, that all of the following terms - only a subjective opinion of the author. That honestly, I not even talked to any of the coaching staff. I see - that sing, the benefit of the club management allows such "pranks".

I'll start with the banal: "Gazprom-Ugra" this season - terra incognita, something completely new. it, naturally, leaves its mark on the game: there, where others have long probed every centimeter of the site and surrounding airspace, Surgut only find the interaction point, dock in orbit individual capabilities in a single system. The process is not without a squeak, but is. Truly sorry just missed the victory over ASC. theoretically, could "hook" that some of the matches with the leaders, but, on the other hand, and could play in the same or Ufa Nizhnevartovsk. By and large,, Surgut settled in his "climate zone" - to be a hot fight for getting into the playoffs. tell fortunes, what awaits us in 2020, we will not, better look at each player when played ten matches in the personal magnifying glass. And on the team as a whole.

on private

Артем Хабибуллин - khoroshii tactics, plays variably, knows how to shift accents. Fast Volleyball Adherent, which is why sometimes limps quality gear. There's an easy feeling, that he is not yet fully "pritersya 'hitters. By the nature of a leader, fighter.

Eugene Rukavishnikov - stylistically close to Artem, that it has its positive and negative aspects for the team. Op?ten. can replace, flip game - as long as this is not seen.

Maciej muse - definitely, met expectations as a main caliber guns. If you cancel the physical data has also an excellent game thinking. Happy positive attitude and involvement. nuances of: its impact "typology" rivals quickly figured out, which is why in recent games Maciej gets quite a lot of mitigations. In this sense, a wide field open for him for a game of wisdom growth. it seems, he wanted in the Super League of the young man to become a man? I think, that for this purpose all conditions. There is work to do on the pitch and. separately, I note, how willingly and successfully he plays defense. Generally, of course, Muse - is the top. And recoil big fellow.

Sergey Piraino - it is difficult to express themselves behind this partner, as the muse. The few chances, who were, Sergei, by and large, I have not used. Although we know, that he is capable of much.

Artem Dougan - a reliable player, It provides the necessary height and slenderness unit, as well as the threat of attack. Recently added to the glider very aggressive power supply option. here case (typical Surgut), noname when a player becomes quite recognizable "Neumann".

Denis Chereiskaya - one of the best off-season acquisitions. The third count in the Super Blocks, excellent prospects for further growth. it seems, It gets great pleasure from volleyball, what is not less important.

Oleksiy Pluzhnikov - rolevik. comes, mainly, to file, in the center of the grid looks weaker than their partners. Disclosed whether the full potential? Unlikely, but opportunities are still few. Important, it insures Dovgan with Chereiskaya, because the will of fate, we are left with three nominal centers on the team.

Kirill Kastylenka - imperceptibly became the main doigrovschika. Not always coping with reception, not having an aggressive feed, Leon no future in attacks, able to keep a good general level, shoveling huge amount of work. In the same reception he, having a third feed to the Super League, shows the average 48 percent positive. Excellent unit sees and works with him, very good in stopping opponent attacks. As the captain tries to keep the team in good shape. This sort of "glue", which seamlessly stitches together all. Often, if the game falls apart - this means that the "glue" "dried up".

Leonid Schadilov - during the championship looked quite pale, with the exception of the last game with the "Belogorye", where the present flashed, It has become one of the best on the court. maybe, it stimulated the arrival of Alexander Boldyrev? If so, the Boldyrev, not even getting into the game, already it brings to the team. In Leonida, in fact, last chance to get out of the shadows, hope, he uses his. shown because, what can. I think, that he is not very suitable super speed passes with a low trajectory, he should hang half a second, look, where to strike, to think about the fate of the homeland ... Well, welcome to the supply - there is something to strive for.

Ruslan Galimov - should, in theory, It stored in the hot rotation, but in fact yet it falls out of the game. A few went to the site do not add optimism. Ruslan certainly has not said the last word, just have to catch the right moment and let him speak to the full.

Paul Avdochenko - to some extent belours become hostage to the limit, because it can not appear on the site at the same time with Theodore Salparovym. On the other hand, his game does not convince, that there may be some options. Paul was the same rolevikov, that Pluzhnikov, leaving to strengthen supply. This makes it quite successfully, making a contribution to the common fund. Paul - of the diagonal, that, as known, the former does not happen. Therefore, to strengthen their reception is hardly logical. For block and attack, chances at the net, perhaps, will still.

Alexander Boldyrev - I have just appeared in a team and have never went to the site. Respectively, and say it is not what. note, what, by and large, in care, like Schadilova - perhaps the last opportunity to show, that it is not all told in great volleyball. Potentially (as Schadilov) capable of much.

Gregory Dragunov - the percentage of the positive reception of the same, like Kastylenka. At the beginning of the championship is remembered playing in defense, Now, for objective reasons less noticeable. In general - a reliable player, picture does not spoil.

Theodore Salparov - not only libero, but also the psychological team Stabilizer. His vast experience extends to all 81 quarter. m. platform and goes beyond, in the direction of the square and the replacement to the opponent. holds reception, gets up miracles in defending, but, repeat, in this its function does not end. It is difficult to overestimate his influence on the team climate, on attitude and self-confidence.

Nikita Kozlov and Alexey Karpenko - children are no longer "Gazprom-Ugra", but we need to thank them for giving a minimum and diligence. Make them libero - idea, in my opinion, initially not very realistic. And as they compete doigrovschikov lost for various reasons.


If you collect all of the above together, to stir thoroughly, let stand in a cool place, pass through tactical schemes and interpersonal communication, is a concentrate called "Gazprom-Ugra" 2019-2020. I'm not a professional volleyball sommelier, but I can say, that taste for volleyball this team has. Has its own character, able to break through the tie-breaks and own many still rake. We see, growing up in the collective individual players, other individual players tumble and wallow - that's OK.

Do not forget, that the original potential of the team was far from stellar. Muse - physical rod, Teodor Salparov - mental, between them - the chances, opportunities, potentials. Hence wildness, bursts, ups and downs, throwing and the lack of stability. To aim for the top bar game. While it is difficult to play at a high level as sets, as needed, not how much will.

But the opponent will not wait, while we are debugging a all its mechanisms. With someone playing polnogi, against the background of fatigue, without leaders - on all configured Surgut, because otherwise we do not beat. And so far we have not seen in the address Fortune gifts, not counting small splashes. You should not count on them to continue - all just the hump, on their shoulders, Well, of course, on the shoulders of his comrades - so everything is arranged.

in total

A brief summary: forward to the new year and we do not look at the table, where one step forward - and we are the seventh, one back - and twelfth. throw table, just trust in the guys. His game in 2019, they deserve it!