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New Year Eve thriller

In the opening match aces Pluzhnikov and Muzaya brought the hosts a good starting opportunities, 4:1. Both teams visibly nervous, resulting in mutual marriage. First time visitors caught the hosts on the mark 6:6 - Muse did not have time to pass too fast. Surgut again ravnuli forward - 11:8, Penchev sent out the ball rolling in, Muse and closed a protracted rally. The next time the balance is restored on 14:14 - largely due to the activity Luburicha. Then fell mistakes of the owners - a low pass Schadilova, attacks and block out Muzaya, 16:19.

Situation straightened itself Muse. Two quite unusual aces in his performance, plus another line of reception and doigrovku - 21:21. But hope to equal the ending buried Luburich, which issued the score 22:23 two luxury Ace, decided outcome set.

In the second game, "Gazprom-Ugra" quickly taken over the initiative, covering Penchev (9:5), and then finally erecting unit and Luburichu (11:7). Again, almost successful pursuit guests to lodge diagonal Serbian - ace plus attack Muzaya out in a low ball, 13:12. Timeout to stop the process, and the game gradually began to spin again in favor of Surgut: zarabotal Dougan, another block Luburichu, 19:15. In the end the team entered with a comfortable margin of hosts. Substitute Tetyuhin had to prove themselves in the reception and attack, but the next block Luburichu did not leave a chance to Belgorod, 23:19. Bagram under the curtain knocked ace, but the bottom line after hitting the Serbs out of bounds by the first mirror your party, 25:22.

The third set the hosts won in three constellations, installing, it seems, Super League record - at least, this season. The first time through with 3:3 I went to 8:3 - Nikolaev at first unsuccessfully tried to connect Piunov, then in the fourth zone could not withdraw Semyshev, which replaced Tetyuhin. Paul scored, but immediately thereafter by a 8:4 I went to 14:4. Now the hosts grabbed at the edge of the grid Penchev, Schadilov and was merciless in doigrovku. Bulgarian young Kuznetsov replaced and immediately got shortened ace under his feet from Chereiskaya. Sidenko Mena LUBURI?, and "Belogorye" "flies" with 15:6 on 25:6 - young people can not cope with the home side unit. Set-ball brings Worms to blow out, and then do not digest Belgorod discount Kastylenka.

In the fourth set, "Belogorye" returned to the site all the leaders, even absent so far Gutsalyuk. The game this time out of chance and a double-edged. Dougan attack and block Chervyakov earns for his team's first serious gap, 7:4. LUBURI?, Tetyuhin and Nikolaev (eysom) it is quenched, 7:7. Kastylenka hung in the fourth zone in the plate section "Gone to the center", Luburichu even had nowhere to knock, except in the area, 10:11. Pryhvachen unit Muse, 10:13. Pure luck with the ball, who rode on the rope - in favor of the guests, 11:15. In Surgut good Schadilov, but guests do not give get too close ... The key draw occurred at around 18:20, when two chances in doigrovku the "Gazprom-Ugra" completed touch Kastylenka grid. There should also be embossed on the pitch Luburicha reception and same attack in doigrovku, 18:22. Another marriage in the reception and Nikolaev calmly knocks the ball rolling, 18:23. All?

Serbia submitted into touch, and Kastylenka suddenly to set up the ace - Penchev long thought, take the ball or miss, eventually just touched the shell. Penchev again floats in the reception, muse accurate, 21:23. Bulgarian changes Semyshev, but he is lame - Surgut do not hammer the ball rolling, but Luburichu block and punch Schadilova on the block out to retain intrigue, 22:23. At a crucial moment in "Belogoriya" did not flinch Tetyuhin, meets a muse, 23:24. Pluzhnikov difficult reception, but the ball is still delivered in the fourth zone Semyshevu, which unscrews it from the unit into a shallow kick, 23:25.

But all of the above events were only a prelude to the "cherry on the cake" – the fifth installment. Where teams have set another record season - none tiebreaker still display such figures are not fixed.

Before changing sides reached the first owners, 8:6 - however, leading 7:4. Schadilov emergency hammers the ball, 10:7. The newly selected guests at a minimum distance - in the overture protracted draw Muse failed to unscrew the grid ball from the block, 10:9. Time wakes Kastylenka, effectively ending the two heavy attacks, 13:10. Even after the Muzaya into touch (13:11) Surgut chances in the end look very good. But Zelenkov manages to get in line a powerful blow Muzaya, and Chereiskaya waiting just replaced Gutsalyuk Piunov, 13:12. And then Tetyuhin without hesitation puts ace, balancing chances.

The first match-ball yet for Surgut, but pass an error in the game turns Kastylenka, 14:15. Surgut played two match-bola and Luburichu unit return initiative, 17:16. Tired Muse third attempt takes the ball out from the unit, 19:18, Luburich but does not give up - is under attack Schadilova, and then knocks ace, 19:20! Another great supply of Serb, Teodor Salparov takes on the opponent, the ball flies quite sharply and Belgorod do not expect such a "gift", themselves hardly ferrying it across the net - Muse accurate, 20:20. Tetyuhin brings "Belogorye" the last match-ball, then three points in a row gaining owners. mUSE scores, and the block alternately closes in the fourth zone and the second Penchev - Luburicha, 23:21.

hardest victory, which became a good gift Surgut fans for the New Year.

Post-match comments:

Senior coach of VC "Belogorye" (Belgorod) Slobodan Praklyachich:

It was a very important match for us, as for Surgut. We played with a large amplitude - it's good, the bad. Our team - young, she does not yet have much experience. He had just purchased in such games, so in that sense it's OK. What happened in the third set - it is necessary to think, What was it. For the fourth and fifth set I congratulate my team. And we could win, and Surgut, the game was equal. But victory Surgut, of course, earned.

Central locking EC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut) Denis Chereiskaya:

We are preparing for the game of the year at, I would like to finish on a winning note. Very heavy contender, good game was, beautiful. Thank you to the fans, Happy New Year everyone! We play for you! Rabid was the atmosphere. turned to endure, "Zaborot", very pleasing result. As for the third party, there has been a competent trainer course "Belogoriya", He gave the rest based, then they came out with renewed vigor and a fight.

Senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut) Yuriy Melnychuk:

You saw for yourself, the game was very nervous. A large number of errors and confusion in the first set, just due to the fact, that the result was very important, He hung over both teams. It is connected to psychology, where some guys were stiff. Played two equal teams, who are fighting for a playoff zone. Fans saw today quite dramatic, beautiful game, than volleyball and beautiful. thanks guys, that stood, This victory is very important. Let us move forward. Thank you to the fans, who have come today, Happy New Year, everyone!



Date Time Championship
21.12.2019 18:00 Russian championship 2019-2020


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)22252523233
Belogorie (Belgorod)2522625212


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena", volleyball Arena


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