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SURGUT no claims against Petersburg "Zenith"

On Belgorod online resource material came bel.ru, dedicated to the transition of a communication from the Roman Poroshina "Belogoriya" in the "Zenith" (St. Petersburg). In him, in particular, mentioned transfer Evgenia Andreeva of "Gazprom-Ugra" in the St. Petersburg club in the context of, unfaithful.

In particular, it says: "This situation not only Poroshin. In the "Zenith" Filippov also switched from "Ural", Andreev from Surgut, media write a lot about the probability of transition from the "Kuzbass" and head coach of Russia Tuomas Sammelvuo. All of these people were on contract with the club. Taras Htey, "Belogorye" and other affected TEAM (emphasis mine, aut.) consider, that this situation violates all the sports and ethics ".

In connection with this volleyball club "Gazprom-Ugra" forced to declare, that the injured party in the transition Andreeva in "Zenith" does not consider himself. conversely, we are fully satisfied with the cooperation with St. Petersburg club, which took place in accordance with all legal, sports and ethics.

we allow, that the surname Andreev appeared by mistake in this material, as in other materials the information portal on the same topic it is missing. EC "Gazprom-Ugra" has no claims to bel.ru, but considers it necessary to explain its position, times its journalists voiced on their behalf. They can only recall the need faktchekinga in journalistic work: Surgut to call and clarify the position of the club is not difficult.