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РАФАЭЛЬ ХАБИБУЛЛИН: “Time to return to its former glory”

Then came June, players have expired contracts, and therefore it is time for our traditional talk with the head coach of "Gazprom-Ugra" Rafael Khabibullin. We'll talk about everything - the results of the season, new team, plans and prospects ...

– Rafael Talgatovich, since the end of the championship passed a long time, there is a possibility without emotion to evaluate the results of the season ...

– Yes emotions we did not have in the play-out! As for the outcome - there can not be avoided several "if". for example, if not collapsed, "Nova", It would be a very different landscape in the standings. Nevertheless, we were fighting for the playoffs, We had a good chance. My feeling, We had to play in the final round with the "Dynamo" for seventh place. If they realize their potential to the full, if the "Ural" encountered in the past with a motivated opponent games ... On the other hand, no one for us to finish the game and solve our problems should not. We are faced with a situation, when there is motivation - to win three games in Krasnoyarsk. Completed the championship without emotion, without courage.

– But still, your mark?

– The problem was - to get into the playoffs. She had not made. At the same time I am aware of, to play in the playoffs, figuratively speaking, expensive. To get the team, who spent - have concluded contracts with the big players, budgeted good bonus. All of this resource, which should be implemented on site, from someone with greater efficiency, someone with less. For a long time we have had a very high efficiency, we got in the playoffs, and sixth in Final, and the four. Now here two years without playoffs - it's time to draw conclusions.

– The current composition of the radical renewal of the team - a reaction to two years without playoffs?

– To some extent, yes. I understand, that the overall situation has changed dramatically - there was the same St. Petersburg "Zenith", "Torch" and "Kuzbass" reached a new level, former leaders try not to take positions. Competition has increased objectively - it is necessary to react.

– But you have given and team leaders, eg, in St. Petersburg "Zenith" went Ursov Kirill and Evgeny Andreev ...

– This is an inevitable process. We take promising players, We bring them to the level of the team, on them a certain demand is formed, which sooner or later begins to exceed our resource. I can not and I do not want to artificially keep the players the opportunity to try myself in a different environment, win, eventually, more money. By and large,, Our mission - to reveal people.

At the same time responsibly say, that after leaving Ursova Andreeva and we will not be weaker. They - excellent performers, but the team - a flexible mechanism, that can adjust and adapt to the new realities. We rebuilt and will be stronger.

– Good, let those, who make "Gazprom-Ugra" more. Can you name the squad for next season?

– On 95 percent. Binders - Artem Habibullin and Eugene Rukavishnikov. Diagonal - Maciej muse and Artem Kiselev. Doigrovku - Leonid Schadilov, Kirill Kastylenka, Ruslan Galimov, Paul Avdochenko, tsentrы - Art Dougan, Denis Chereiskaya, Oleksiy Pluzhnikov, Maxim Troinin, libero - Artem Zelenkov, Alexey Karpenko, Gregory Dragunov.

Vacant space of the second Legionnaire, We are currently negotiating. While I can say, it is a promising young doigrovschik long-term contract.

– Paul Avdochenko longer footballer?

– Yes, Belarusians from next season may be in the bid to the Russian player. Another thing, that the site they are still equated with foreigners. It's not a problem, Paul in its capabilities can insure any of our legionnaires, and doigrovku, and, if required, diagonally.

– three libero?

– For Alexey Karpenko I have been following. He's on the line doigrovschik, but I see him in the role of libero. He is now recovering from injury, we will see, what we get. And Gregory Dragunov, our, Ugra alumnus, long wanted me to play. I put him to certain conditions, Run - will work.

– At all, I heard, that you directly address many volleyball players with a desire to play in Surgut.

– Yes, it's true. many call. Volleyball World narrow, everybody knows, that the players are engaged in Surgut, develop them. Look at Artema Dovgan - how he came to us, and how to play under the end of the season! There is progress and Leonid Schadilova - so we both left, work is not finished with them. We can not offer big contracts, but we offer something more - self-realization. the, then what the players offer good conditions in other clubs - a consequence of the work done in our work.

All, whom we have invited, well aware, why they are here. We want to grow together, develop, It getting better every day. Pluzhnikov the same - we have not yet official work began, and Alex has joined, progress is being made. see, he is able to surprise the future of the season.

– Many say the transition Maciej Muzaya in "Gazprom-Ugra" as the strongest club transfer progress.

– Diagonal role player in the modern volleyball is hard to overestimate. look, who solves the main problem - Poletaev, Mikhailov, Hrozer, Hock in the decisive game was in the diagonal. Muzaya, certainly, I see the same as. Our task - to reveal talented player, give him the opportunity to bring the maximum benefit to the site. At the same time, volleyball - team game, and the need to build the entire ensemble. I'm sure, that we are forced to speak not only about Muse.

– How will the coaching staff?

– marginally. Thanks to Alexey Marina Sheshenina work, for the maintenance of the microclimate in the team. I'm sure, that acquired coaching skills will help him in his future work. Yuri Melnichuk remains on the position of head coach - we had supporters, We are on the same wavelength.

– What are your goals for the updated three-quarters of the team next season?

– pre-Olympic year, Championship traditionally held by a lightweight formula. Good or bad - definitely not say. Anyway, must take into account the interests of the national team. For clubs, the price of each game increases, since the total number of matches is reduced. Harness long once - hence we will dance. Obvious task - to fight in the summary table for a place in the top ten, to then through the play of the game to try to get into the final six.

– When the pre-season training begins and where it will take place?

– We are going for a medical check at the end of July in Surgut and - forward! We will be prepared on the basis of their, scheduled to take part in pre-season tournament in St. Petersburg and Belarus.

– "Star of Ugra", Talent nursery, rather unsuccessfully I acted in the Youth Volleyball League ...

– That's it - the nursery of talent! Volleyball at the youth level - it's a different kind of sport, units may come out at the adult level. We were champions MVL, and League Cup holders - and that? At some point I came to the conclusion, I do not need a team champion, if it is the players I can not take in Super League. If we see, that the 19-year-old will not play, Just talk to him about it. May be, it tough, but honestly.

Now "Ugra Star" - one of the youngest teams of the Youth League, it is faced with a challenge - to grow the players for Super League. Yes, our beautiful base in Ugra college boarding of Olympic reserve - a nursery of talent. be patient, they will make themselves known.

– What would you like to say to the fans of the club?

– At first, I would like to wish good luck to all the players who left us. I talked with each, but it is necessary to fix it in public: we have done together is a great way, Thank you for your work and dedication, just time to go the other way.

Fans I want to say something, that I repeat every year - we will be stronger, if you are with us. Come to "Prime-Arena", We are always glad to see how familiar, and new faces. I personally know a lot of fans, We often remember the times, when our bleachers rattled all over the country. In the last couple of years the situation has changed, but it, I think, time to return to its former glory. We will make every effort to this and look forward to your support.