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They pulled out victory by the teeth

In the first set, Gazprom-Yugra took the lead quite confidently, despite the abundance of defective servings. Our guys took risks and made six mistakes in the first half of the game, but thanks to the efforts on the grid, where can we distinguish Korotaev’s attacks from the four, maintained control. A block on Kovacevic in a long rally led to the score 13:10 and replacing Ushkov with Butko. Kovacevic redeemed himself with an excellent serve and a completed finish from the back line., 13:12.

Another battle

Tomorrow Gazprom-Yugra will meet Ural in Ufa. Our opponent is no longer the same, whom we beat in the first round. The names are the same, the performance has changed. After the castling of Andrei Voronkov to Igor Shulepov on the coaching bridge, the team started playing that volleyball, which everyone expected from her. After all, by those very names “Ural” – very, very strong team. Read more »

Success on the nerves

The hosts earned their first handicap with a block – on Ebadipur and Rybakov, 6:4. An extremely long rally with four attempts by Katic in the fourth zone was completed by Tarasenko, 9:6, Immediately Yakutin’s kick into touch makes the home team’s advantage significant, 10:6.

All for Gazprom-Yugra!

Saturday, 18 November, Premier Arena, 19 hours, Gazprom-Ugra match in the sixth round of the PARI Super League against Ufa Ural. Why you should come and support our team? Historical aspect: Gazprom-Yugra’s history of games with Ural is long and memorable. Can you remember the season 2010-2011 years, when the Surgut team sensationally advanced to the playoffs of the Belgorod "Belogorye", then lost to Zenit Kazan in the quarterfinals (in response Read more »

YUKIOR is on schedule

In the second match of the second round of the MVL in Ufa, YUKIOR achieved a dry victory over the home team, "Berkuts of the Urals" - 25:17, 25:22, 25:22. Despite the score, the game was not a cakewalk for our youth. Except that in the first game everything was more or less calm for the Ugra people. The second set proceeded in an equal fight, and closer to the end “Golden Eagles Read more »

YUKIOR begins the second round in the MVL

17 October YUKIOR begins games of the second round of the preliminary part of the Russian Championship in the International League. This time in Ufa our guys will play twice with the hosts - “Berkuts Ural-BashGAU” and “Neftyanik-UOR” from Orenburg. This trip is a good opportunity to replenish your points.. Recall, that after the first round YUKIOR has three victories to its credit. Ufa and Orenburg residents held the first Read more »

Again without acceptance

Ural: Kavanna – Potaliuk, Feoktistov - Esfandiar, Gutsalyuk - Samoilenko, Shishkin Gazprom-Ugra: Ozhiganov - Shakhbanmirzaev, Makarenko - Krasikov, Piun - Kurbatov, Nagaets/Kabeshov Surgut played well in attack, but again failed in the reception. Started briskly, 7:4. Then the first series of innings of the Iranian player plus the block of the hosts allowed Ural not only to catch up with the guests, After the third match in Novy Urengoy, it’s time to talk about the enchanted hall of the Zvezdny for the former Zvezda Yugra - we lost again, Read more »

Window of opportunity in Ufa

Gazprom-Ugra always plays in Ufa with a special attitude. Historically, this can be attributed to the epic five-game confrontation with the "Ural" of the times of Ball and Stanley, which few people remember. But we remember last season's five-set away win. However, forget about her too, too much has changed since then. A year ago we have a tone Read more »

Twenty second round: for a place in the February sun

Whatever the tour is, the most interesting fights, as the calendar entered the phase, when neighbors fight in the standings. This time on the menu Belgorod vs Novosibirsk and a number of interesting. The February sun is quite dim, so the best place under it is worth a lot. 22-th tour starts 8 February match in Sosnovy Bor and here, it seems, everything Read more »

Belated pursuit of the "Ural"

"Gazprom-Ugra": Ozhiganov - Alekseev, Makarenko - Katich, Piun - Ionov, Kabeshov/Nagaets "Ural": Cavannah - Rybakov, Feoktistov - Esfandiar, Gutsalyuk - Samoilenko, Shishkin Result, what is called, per game: Surgutians have been in the fight for a long time, then they caught up, demonstrating fighting qualities, and the guests as a whole played more smoothly and skillfully. The first set left an impression, that the owners simply forgot to wake up: Read more »