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thanks, Rajab, Thank you, "Gazprom-Ugra"!

Сургутяне взяли полноценный реванш за поражение в первом круге, хотя игра, несмотря на «сухой» счет, складывалась непросто. Началось все с двух ударов Курбатова и Раджаба в аут. Ситуацию быстро исправили: Раджаб снялся, Ткачев ударил в трос, 2:2. Подачей наш диагональный добыл переходящий мяч, реализованный Родичевым – 4:3, первый брейк. Второй брейк взят блоком восстановившемуся после травмы Сподобцу, 9:7, Павел Борщ тут же реагирует тайм-аутом.

We need to play like a year ago

Для «Газпром-Югры» наступает время решающих сражений за плей-офф. Sure, чемпионат еще далеко не пройден, но именно сейчас, в матчах с прямыми конкурентами, будет так называемая битва за шесть очков. Первый такой матч – в Оренбурге с «Нефтяником» в понедельник, 19 February. Состояние, в котором наша команда выйдет на площадку, предсказать сложно. Последняя игра с «Шахтером» Read more »

Now our batteries are low

After a recent game in Surgut, the Enisey coach complained, that the team’s batteries were “dead”. Now, seem to be, It's the turn of Surgut residents to recharge: the cheerful beginning of the game slipped to a joyless ending.

One more fight, another brilliant spectacle

Last season, seven wins were enough for us, to get into the playoffs. Nowadays everything is much more complicated and interesting.: we, “Ural” and “Nova” have won eight matches each and the whole struggle for the coveted place in the sun lies ahead. Our next opponent is a very difficult one (and others are in the Super League?) – Shakhtar Soligorsk. Семь раз кряду белорусы Read more »

Surgut roller coaster

Swing game, where a lot was decided by the first set - the only one, passed in a close fight on the court and on the scoreboard. However, the initiative in the opening was predominantly on the side of the hosts: Kirillov issues a single block to Dmitriev (5:3), Murashko from the fourth zone does not place the ball on the line (8:5), Kurbatov draws up the first, but not the last ace for the game (10:7).

Let's swim across the Yenisei?

After a series of victories from three matches, the Surgutians are waiting for home, perhaps, the most difficult of the current opponents. The winning streak of Krasnoyarsk “Enisey” in the last round increased to five games, Moreover, they beat “familiar faces” from ASC, "Kuzbass", "Ural", as well as Fakel and Shakhtar. The main character in “Yenisei” is the diagonal Roman Murashko, top scorer and aceman of the Super League, вносящий Read more »

They pulled out victory by the teeth

In the first set, Gazprom-Yugra took the lead quite confidently, despite the abundance of defective servings. Our guys took risks and made six mistakes in the first half of the game, but thanks to the efforts on the grid, where can we distinguish Korotaev’s attacks from the four, удерживали контроль. Блок Ковачевичу в затяжном розыгрыше привел к счету 13:10 и замене Ушкова на Бутько. Ковачевич исправился отличной подачей и реализованной доигровкой с задней линии, 13:12.

Another battle

Tomorrow Gazprom-Yugra will meet Ural in Ufa. Our opponent is no longer the same, whom we beat in the first round. The names are the same, the performance has changed. After the castling of Andrei Voronkov to Igor Shulepov on the coaching bridge, the team started playing that volleyball, который все от нее ждали. Ведь по тем самым именам «Урал»очень и очень крепкая команда. Read more »

Another rematch

Surgut center blocker Petar Krsmanovich suffered a serious hand injury during training and was out for an indefinite period.. Against this not the most rosy backdrop, the hosts started the match extremely poorly: with three aces from Alexander Markin and an ace from Denis Chereisky, 1:6. But Maxim Kirillov accepted the challenge to the micro-tournament of acemen (two tries straight) and Ivan Korotaev with one ace and a knocked out technique, which Shevlyakov closed, 7:8.

Let there be a battle!

On Saturday at the Premier Arena we play with Kuzbass. Alexey Babeshin’s team is the most interesting: Super League record holder for five-set matches. The team has a total of ten of them, including a six-game series, in which Dynamo and St. Petersburg Zenit were beaten, and also there were two tiebreakers with Kazan and Novosibirsk. In the last round, the Kemerovo team lost to Yenisei on their site. 1:3. Conceded 0:2, Read more »