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Five decisive games

Less than a week left before the start of the second, the decisive round of the Final Six in the Youth Volleyball League. In the first round, "Star of Yugra" showed a fighting character, having won three victories over the "University", Kuzbass and the capital Dynamo-Olimp, which allowed our team to take an intermediate second place in the standings. Make some predictions for the second round, relying on the games in Labytnangi, probably, not Read more »

Intermediate second place in MVL!

In the Youth Volleyball League "Star of Yugra" played the first round of the Final Six for 1-6 places and quite unexpectedly ended up in second place according to its results! Suddenly, because I finished fifth in the regular season, and she started in the final with two defeats - from Novy Urengoi Fakel and Novosibirsk Lokomotiv-SSHOR. It's not a shame to lose to these teams, Read more »

A worthy defeat

Despite a dry victory in Surgut, Dynamo faced serious resistance. In the first game, Pavel Pankov's ace marked the gap between Muscovites, 4:7, but almost immediately Pavel's mistake in the transfer and the stalled Shkulevichus equalized the chances, 8:8. Surgutyan bloc continued to mitigate the attacks of Vlasov and Podlesny, and the final game was decided by Nikishin and Shakhbanmirzaev, 12:9 and Konstantin Bryanskiy is forced to take Read more »

We will fight with the best club in the country

The winner of the Russian Cup is coming to us, CEV Cup finalist, winner of the regular part of the national championship. Dynamo Moscow is the best club in the country in playing here and now. Testing yourself in a match with such an opponent is a challenge for Surgutyans. On the eve of Dynamo confidently beat the French "Montpellier" in the semifinals of the European Cup, and the Surgut club agreed to give Muscovites a little more time to Read more »

With Dynamo in training mode

Playing without spectators in Moscow looked like a good workout. In the first set, we flew away on Tsvetan Sokolov's serves with 9:10 on 9:16 - the Bulgarian arranged a small execution. Further resistance was nominal, 14:25. Of the positive: two blocks to Sokolov, negative - unsuccessful double substitution at the end, Akhaminov and Miskevich did nothing to help. Yes, yes, Shahbanmirzaev has us Read more »

Wednesday at Kutuzovsky

Amid massive quarantine cancellations of matches ("Oilman" did not come to Surgut, and Dynamo-LO will not come) clubs seek and find creative ways out of the situation. So Gazprom-Yugra will still play 21 October, just not at home with pine fighters, and visiting with their metropolitan teammates. At Dynamo, the 6th round match with Zenit Kazan was postponed to 11 November, so that Read more »

We play in Moscow on Wednesday!

As you know, Gazprom-Yugra canceled two upcoming matches - with Neftyanik and Dynamo-LO. Dynamo Moscow has similar problems. In order not to be left without game practice and more evenly redistribute the transferred games, residents of Surgut and Muscovites agreed to hold a match 12 tour, which was on the calendar at the beginning of December, next wednesday, 21 October, in Moscow. Due to quarantine Read more »

The game with "Dinamo": no arguments

"Gazprom-Ugra" gave way to the capital of the local "Dinamo" just in key, "Pain" of their points - at the reception and in doigrovku. Add to this the not too confident game Muzaya and communication - and get a result. In the opening match Artem Khabibullina error in the transmission rate of the first and two block - Muse and Schadilova - have issued a significant handicap Dynamo, 5:10. Read more »

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