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Below your capabilities

The equality in the opening continued until the mark 4:4, after which in the fourth zone on Ozhiganov’s passes aimed at the block, and then Kirillov stalled Krasikov. 4:7 and the hosts increased this advantage: bad reception from Surgut residents, Rajab tried to fight back from the block, но отскок Нагец не подобрал, 12:17. Эйс вышедшего из квадрата Руднева чуть подсластил пилюлю, 14:18. Подобие погони в концовке: Красиков отыгрывается от блока, Раджаб повторяет то же самое, а затем закрывает Позднякова блоком, 17:20. Родичев скатывает в котел, 19:22. Но на этом все – Поздняков эйсом приносит мешок сет-болов, 19:24, а Родичев при выполнении подачи наступает на лицевую линию.

It's time to repay "debts"

On Wednesday the residents of Surgut will hold, perhaps, “match of life” away against Novokuibyshevsk “Nova”. At first, this is our direct competitor for a place in the playoffs. Secondly, the calendar at the end of the regular season for Gazprom-Yugra is as follows, что дальше добирать победы будет крайне затруднительно – в соперниках Казань, Novosibirsk, Москва и Питер. В минувшем туре «Нова» едва не обыграла в Красноярске «Енисей», Read more »

thanks, Rajab, Thank you, "Gazprom-Ugra"!

The Surgut team took full revenge for their defeat in the first round, although the game, despite the "dry" score, it wasn't easy. It all started with two strikes from Kurbatov and Radjab into touch. The situation was quickly corrected: Rajab starred, Tkachev hit the rope, 2:2. Подачей наш диагональный добыл переходящий мяч, реализованный Родичевым – 4:3, первый брейк. Второй брейк взят блоком восстановившемуся после травмы Сподобцу, 9:7, Павел Борщ тут же реагирует тайм-аутом.

We need to play like a year ago

Для «Газпром-Югры» наступает время решающих сражений за плей-офф. Sure, чемпионат еще далеко не пройден, но именно сейчас, в матчах с прямыми конкурентами, будет так называемая битва за шесть очков. Первый такой матч – в Оренбурге с «Нефтяником» в понедельник, 19 February. Состояние, в котором наша команда выйдет на площадку, предсказать сложно. Последняя игра с «Шахтером» Read more »

They pulled out victory by the teeth

In the first set, Gazprom-Yugra took the lead quite confidently, despite the abundance of defective servings. Our guys took risks and made six mistakes in the first half of the game, but thanks to the efforts on the grid, where can we distinguish Korotaev’s attacks from the four, удерживали контроль. Блок Ковачевичу в затяжном розыгрыше привел к счету 13:10 и замене Ушкова на Бутько. Ковачевич исправился отличной подачей и реализованной доигровкой с задней линии, 13:12.

Another battle

Tomorrow Gazprom-Yugra will meet Ural in Ufa. Our opponent is no longer the same, whom we beat in the first round. The names are the same, the performance has changed. After the castling of Andrei Voronkov to Igor Shulepov on the coaching bridge, the team started playing that volleyball, который все от нее ждали. Ведь по тем самым именам «Урал»очень и очень крепкая команда. Read more »

We're in a race!

We stay in the race! I wrote in the preview, that the game will largely determine: Will we be able to stay in the hunt for the playoffs or will we fall into the fight for survival?? clear, that there is still a long way to go, but Gazprom-Yugra retained its chances in Nizhny, returning the favor to ASK for the defeat in the first round.

Play as a team

I think, that the match in Nizhny Novgorod will be a watershed: Will Gazprom-Yugra continue to cling to the playoffs or will it fall into the fight for survival?. In other words, the match is important, but I really wouldn't want to, so that the burden of responsibility weighs down our team. We have one objective difficulty: we don't play from a position of strength, we have no such experience. Cling, Read more »

On character

The Surgut team failed the start of the match on Denis Schenkel’s gliders – 0:4, but returned on the serve of Vadim Ozhiganov, 5:5. Until the mark 10:10 it was an equal game, after which the hosts again scored four points in a row. Rajab could not beat the block on Ozhiganov’s passes, who gave way to Maxim Kirillov. But it was not possible to catch up with the opponent, the Dynamo block has become an insurmountable wall. Even two freeballs, mined from Rajab's feeds, failed to implement, as a result - 17:25.

Next exam

Tomorrow Gazprom-Yugra will take the next exam in Sosnovy Bor. Lately, rivals have been moving in diametrically opposite directions.. We fight with leaders with any results, except points in the table, and the Sosnovoborsk team chalked up their eighth victory in a row in the last round in Krasnoyarsk. It is generally accepted, that “Dynamo-LO” is strong primarily by finishing the game. In the last matches from Read more »