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Denys Harkushenko: “Now the most important thing is to establish communication”

Gazprom-Ugra returned to Surgut from St. Petersburg and we talked with the head coach of the team Denis Garkushenko about the results and lessons of the Platonov Memorial.

What is your impression of the tournament in St. Petersburg?

Double impression. One side, the tournament was needed in terms of acquiring the first match practice, viewing newcomers, on the other hand, a very difficult format, four games in four days is hard to start the season. Before that, we had only six training sessions with balls., played in sixes once. The team was under pressure, I was afraid, so that the players do not get injured, when you are not ready yet and you can get hurt from excitement.

This is not an excuse, but an objective picture: take a look, all Super League teams looked unimportant. They played better, who was better prepared - Shakhtar, CSKA, «Ярославич». Yaroslavl people almost 1 July practiced with balls, they are almost ready for the championship. And in the Leningrad region, the Achilles connecting your, Papazov was injured in the first game in Nova and did not play again, Voronkov in the "Zenith" twisted his ankle ...

And we had injuries.?

Light damage at Rajab, Rudneva, Alekseeva, that is, for all diagonal. Therefore, we ended the tournament with two setters on the court. Katic joined us the day before the tournament, previously had covid. Form corresponding, but a good reception showed.

The question arises: Why then participate in such tournaments?

Pre-season tournaments needed, they provide a huge amount of material for analysis by coaches and the necessary practice for players. Platonov Memorial - a legendary competition, held for the eighteenth time, the tournament is well organized, and we were glad to take part in it. Unless the format could be made more gentle, with at least one rest day.

And what are the first conclusions about the game?

In terms of dedication, I have no complaints about the players, all laid out and tried to complete tasks, another thing, that not everything worked out. The most important thing now is to establish communication within the six on the site, while there are problems, people lap. There was a predictable stressful situation, when you don't know, what partners can do, it was important to look at yourself, and see each other. But it got better from game to game.. In the last game, after two games, we got tired and stood up., one Biryukov beat us, even though he didn't need it.. On character and individual skill. And in certain moments of character, we just didn’t have enough. Again, food for thought.

How did the newcomers perform??

I don't want to name names, but someone pleasantly surprised, and someone lacked self-confidence, psychological preparation. Nevertheless, everyone has a chance. I like it, that we have a team, no "oldies" and "newbies", guys communicate, support each other. This is a very important factor.

What do you say to the fans?

I am a maximalist by nature, I always want to win and please the fans. All our victories ahead. One and a half months before the start of the championship, have time to prepare. Cup of Russia, which starts for us 8 September in Kemerovo, is also important, we will try to show a higher and combat level already there.