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The first game is lumpy

The first game 2022 of the year came out lumpy for Gazprom-Yugra, although in the first game there were chances to endure and, least, drag "Belogorie" into an equal ending. After Ilya Kovalev attacked out-of-bounds, the hosts could get a double superiority (4:8), but Al Khachdadi got into the net. After the video preview won by Rafael Khabibullin, Belgorodians burst into a series of mistakes, allowing guests to level the score (11:11) and even come forward (13:12) after Filippov's attack out-of-bounds.

But Alekseev also sends the ball out of bounds., Dovganya is guarded by Filippov, and Lukyanenko loses the net ball to Tetyukhin - 13:16. Dmitry Kovalev's mistake - the pass did not find Alexey Samoilenko - leaves some oxygen to the guests, 17:18, which is immediately overlapped by a block: Yakutia (17:19), Alekseev (17:20), Kastylenka (18:22) and Kovalev (18:23). what, properly, and allowed the hosts to calmly complete the set, 20:25.

In the second game, the hosts got the first two break balls on Petrich's serve - ace and Al Khachdadi's attack in the final game, 6:3. The next spurt of "Belogorya" - on the serve of Tetyukhin, and again ace entered the program, 11:6. The next protracted episode, lost by Surgut as in chess, with gradual loss of advantage, morally broke the guests. There were still views taken, also Alekseev wrote a block to Petrich, but the powerful game of Al Khachdadi and the indistinct reception of Gazprom-Ugra completed the matter, 16:25.

For the third set, the Surgutyans went with Rukavishnikov and Ropavka, and Nikishin replaced Kovalev in the opening. Equal play went to the mark 8:8, after which the "Belogorya" block became an insurmountable problem again, 9:12. Rukavishnikov has a slip, but earned the first tempo, which was tightly closed before, Evgeny wrote out a block for Lukyanenko Tetyukhin, who was used to walking on top (11:13), but Al Khachdadi scores twice, and Nikishin sends the ball out-of-bounds on a single block, 12:16. Alekseev's single shots could not fix the situation: "Belogorie" has already gained cruising speed with Al Khachdadi as a bow - 17:25. Lost on the case: tactically, in attacking potential, on the pitch, at the reception ... It can be noted except that Eremin and Alekseev, who played at a good level, but their partners categorically did not support them. It remains to count, that the thread of the game will return to the hands of Surgutyans on the home court, where already 7 January they will have to fight the "Neftyanik" from Orenburg.



Date Time Championship
03.01.2022 19:30 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Belogorie (Belgorod)2525253
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2016170