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New Year's gift for pine conquerors

Dynamo-LO entered the game without their Serbs - setter Nikola Jovovich was slightly damaged, and playmaker Marko Ivović was perfectly replaced by Denis Schenkel. Gazprom-Yugra started cheerfully - 4:0. The hosts overtook the guests at the mark 8:8, when the people of Surgut for the first time, but not for the last time experienced difficulties with the reception of Kolenkovsky gliders. Then again throw forward, 17:13 after ace Kovalev - and again rollback, 19:19 and a sloppy ending. and a sloppy ending: Alekseev scored all his goals, and put an end to the block for Pirainen, which was the result of a good presentation by Krasikov, who came out specially for this mission, 26:24. The first set was generally dictated by the Surgutyans: Lukyanenko was more diverse than Stilchuk, Alekseev worked like a machine, kept the level of Kovalev, Yakutin and Dovgan - except that Makarenko swam a little in the reception.

In the second game, Gazprom-Yugra played excellently in defense and insurance, which brought a number of labor finishing balls and a lead 13:10 after another ace Kovalev. And again, as in the first set, we skidded again on Kolenkovsky's gliders, giving the opponent five points in a row, 13:15. Fortunately, they realized it in time - Yakutin scores, one more rescue in defense and Alekseev realizes the emergency ball, 15:15. A series of mistakes made by Surgutyans on the serve does not give a chance for the finishing acceleration and again leads to an equal ending, 20:20. But unlike the first game, we fail this endgame - the double substitution did not work with the release of Shakhbanmirzaev and Rukavishnikov, and in the attack, Kostylenko makes mistakes alternately, Makarenko and Alekseev, 21:25. You can say, that we presented the game to the opponent.

Gifts continued in the third batch, where the equality persisted until the mark 13:13. Then "Gazprom-Yugra" untied a bag of mistakes at the reception and Strilchuk, in numerous additional games, calmly solved his problems through the steadily clogging fourth zone. 15:22 left no chance for an intelligible pursuit, although three consecutive points from Surgut forced Yuri Cherednik to take a time-out. It helped - in the next game Kovalev did not dare, an accurate shot from Pirainen flew in response, and then Alekseev threw the ball into touch, 18:24. Serve error exchange summed up, 19:25.

In the fourth game, the Surgutyans still had chances to win the match - but the game fell apart already in the opening, 1:5. All attempts to turn the tide with substitutions have led nowhere: Dynamo confidently kept the meal, continuing to wait for gifts from guests. New Year is so New Year - mass marriage at the reception finally buried the guests, and the unsuccessful debut of Dmitry Krasikov as a full-fledged outplayer (three attacks, three mistakes) became a drop in the sea of ​​bad luck, inconsistencies and everything, what is popularly called "not Beckham's day", 12:25.

At the beginning and at the end of the match, there were two completely different Gazprom-Ugras on the court, and why this happened - the coaching staff will have to figure it out. Dynamo are good for that, that they were able to take full advantage of the given chances - it is especially worth noting the side-gamers who worked consistently on the grid. As a result, the pine fighters received a good present in the last home match of the outgoing year., and the people of Surgut will now think, at whose expense such a generous banquet.



Date Time Championship
17.12.2021 21:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Dinamo-LO (Linen. region.)242525253
Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)262119121