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Second victory, Alekseev MVP!

With empty stands, the players turned themselves on - and in the opening it was better for the hosts. Nikita Alekseev immediately got down to business, bringing the team the first four points, 4:1. Ace Kovaleva in Pivovarova - 6:2. Surgutyans' pitchers were diligently caught in the reception of a young wrestler, which crashed from time to time. Two more attacks by Alekseev - 8:3. When the game calmed down a little, Ufa residents managed to catch up with the owners, 14:14, but they weren't enough for more. Alekseev is accurate again, Marechal is wrong, and when also Pivovarov hits the cable, everything becomes clear, 22:16. Rukavishnikov entrusted Okolich to put the point, 25:20.

At the beginning of the second set, after failures on the grid, Rybakov is replaced by Shemyatikhin, and the Kovalev block on Marechal marked the gap between the owners, 3:0. But the video playback recorded Ilya's touching the net and the game instantly turns in the other direction.: one more viewing gives the ball to "Ural", and Marechal draws up an ace, 2:5. Rukavishnikov and Lukyanenko take turns trying to find the keys to the game, and it is possible to get close to the opponent only in the middle of the set, after the Shemyatikhin bloc, 15:16. But again the hosts have a lame reception, and Yakutin, after Alekseev's excellent serve, does not risk hitting the ball: in the end the draw is lost, 17:20. Opponent overtakes Gazprom-Yugra at the mark 22:22: first Yakutin closes Gutsalyuk, and then Alexander suffers from Zhosia's poor transmission. Surgut residents earn two decisive points with a block - close Pivovarov (25:24) and Shemyatikhina (27:25).

In the third batch instead of, to put the squeeze on the opponent, the owners just fall apart. Weak reception, poor quality transmissions, blows to the block ... It cannot be said, that the guests offered something enchanting, except that Rybakov returned to the game very soundly. It was he who did not allow the residents of Surgut to seriously return to the game., when they had at least theoretical chances. He and the owners' own marriage: from 6:14 they came to 13:17, but Dovgan, who came out instead of Okolich, threw the challenge ball into touch ... In the end, Kovalev again knocked out of Pivovarov's hold, and again distinguished Okolich, but Rybakov's two attacks decided the outcome of the set, 21:25.

The fourth set began again discouragingly for Surgut residents - 2:5 after Pivovarov's success on the grid. And then Alekseev turned on at full power. After a successful attack, he shook the vaults of the Premier Arena with an animal roar., bringing partners to life. Kovalev shoots with a powerful serve, Alekseev finishes in the game, 5:5, scores an emergency ball, 7:5. After ace Lukyanenko - the ball hit the endline - it seemed, that escape is possible, 11:8, but the residents of Ufa were not going to give up. Marechal in the corporate identity of the hands, 11:10. Ace Gutsalyuk, 13:13. Aesom answers Alekseev, and then scores an incredible ball from the center of the court by hitting a projectile flying from behind the head, 16:14. Gradually, the resistance of the "Ural" begins to weaken, and again the decisive word for the diagonal Surgutyan, which after counting 23:19 grabbed his back - Rafael Khabibullin even had to take time out. Nikita courageously returned to the game, brought the team a match-ball, 24:20, Kovalev put an end, 25:21.

Gleb Kashitsyn, i.o. senior coach of VK "Ural" (Ufa): "As the game showed, the second batch was decisive for us, in which we could not play in cold blood. В четвертой не справились с диагональным сургутян. It seems that the opponents had a lot of knocked out goals., but our triple block could not work as expected. Must watch: or hands-on, either unlucky. А во второй и третьей партии в нашем исполнении был неплохой волейбол».

Anton Malyshev, head coach of the EC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): “The third set is our standard story with our standard serial errors.. very pleased, that the team was able to get together and bring the matter to victory. hope, we delighted our fans on TV screens. Excellent game played by Nikita Alekseev, he goes to a good level, shows the class and leads the team. We played the first two sets tactically correctly, without leaving your game system, in the third, they began to invent something and got a countdown. Sure, not enough fans in the stands, but we did it ".

Nikita Eremin, libero EC "Gazprom-Ugra" (Surgut): “In the third game, emotions are gone, thought, that we will be given just to win. In the fourth, it was necessary to unfold the game, bravo Nikita Alekseev, the team started up, the rest of the guys picked up, everyone gave emotions, the result turned out. We are somewhat lucky, that there was no main player for Ural, but the replacement was also good. It's bad to play without spectators, I would like to quickly return the fans and emotions along with them ".



Date Time Championship
05.11.2021 19:00 RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022. MEN. Super League


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)252721253
Ural (Ufa)202525211


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena"