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Three scenarios for one match

Three games ended with almost the same score, but the scripts were different for everyone. In the debut set, the hosts immediately surprised the guests with a block, and Shakhbanmirzaev regularly implemented the replay, 8:4. Covering Rajab, Fakel has dramatically reduced the gap, Dovgan and Nikishin's attacks out-of-bounds turn the numbers on the scoreboard, 9:10. Kastylenka, switching to power feed, draws up an ace (14:13), but two more inaccuracies of Gazprom-Yugra in the attack - and 14:16. "Torch" gained advantage saved, and in the end he also added, stepping with 19:21 on 19:23. Kostylenko managed to issue the second ace for the set, and the block gave Bogdan a glimmer of hope, but Volkov was good at partner insurance, and Denis thanked him with a discount under the blockers, 22:25.

In the second game, the guests immediately indicated their advantage: 1:3 after ace Dikarev, 3:7 after ace Volkov. Cannot be said, that the people of Surgut did not resist, but protracted draws mostly ended in favor of "Torch". Fialkovsky, who came out at the beginning of the set instead of Nikishin, set up a reception and Rukavishnikov had room for creativity - Kostylenko spent two quick attacks in a row without a block, 11:15. Nevertheless, Fakel ended up with a very comfortable advantage, 13:20.

Fialkovsky has already shown his effectiveness in serving, demonstrated it this time. Constellation with Yakovlev, replaced Zhigalov, in the fourth zone did not contribute to the variability in the attack, and Kirill's powerful feeds further aggravated the situation for Fakel. Ace Fialkowski - 18:21. Novourengoy residents are removed from the controversial transfer of Zhukovsky with one hand, Kostylenko keeps intrigue, 19:22. He also closes with a single block of Yakovlev, 21:23, but the decisive goals are scored by Volkov in cold blood, 22:25.

In the third game, an equal and stubborn struggle ensues from the first draws., in which Gazprom-Yugra is gradually gaining advantage. The team's serve is flying, but the main thing is there is a reception, because on the knocked-out balls it is difficult for the Surgut people to cope with the high block of the "Torch". Fialkovsky provides fine-tuning, and Rukavishnikov flirts with Yakutin, who came out instead of Dovgan, 9:9. The "Fakel" has high efficiency gamers, but the diagonal slips - after the next block, Yakovlev changes Zhigalov. Bogdan's kick on the line into touch and the hosts signify an escape - 16:13. Torch timeout – 16:16. Absolutely equal ending (21:21) unexpectedly easily ends in favor of the guests - Fialkovsky is covered by the block, Bogdan implements the final game, and Zhigalov puts a full stop, 21:25.

Senior coach of VK "Fakel" Novy Urengoy Roman Yakovlev: In the last game, Surgut showed a pretty good level of volleyball, so we had certain concerns today. Fortunately, the game was easier, than we expected. Although not everything was straight fantastically good, there were many mistakes on our part, but now the result is important for us, and we achieved it. The situation is not the same in Gazprom-Yugra now, like last year, when one person received 60 percent of transfers and it was enough to cope with it, to achieve the result. The team plays smoothly and even when other players leave, the pattern does not change, and it's even harder for us.

Captain VK "Fakel" Novy Urengoy Dmitry Volkov: We knew it, that Surgut plays well at home, seriously tuned in. Not everything worked out for us from the very beginning, but good, that turned on and won. After, how in the first game the gap was eliminated, felt confident and did not let go of the opponent.

Senior coach of VC "Gazprom-Yugra" Surgut Anton Malyshev: If we look at the numbers, we won serve and take, but lost the attack. Well, again, I'm talking about psychological problems: we could not finish any ending. This is our trouble, which haunts us all season. It's hard for us to play endings, a lot of self-doubt.



Date Time Championship
19.12.2020 18:00 Russian championship 2020-2021


Gazprom-Yugra (Surgut)2222210
Fakel (New Urengoy)2525253


g. Surgut, str. Bystrinskaya, 18/4. SK "Prime Arena", volleyball Arena
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