Decision is made

On Saturday, the Presidium of the IEF stating the obvious, stop carrying Russian volleyball championship in all leagues (earlier it was suspending). All, season is over. However, the main intrigue was the fact, whether determined by the champions and prize-winners at the end of the preliminary part of the championship, or cancel all tournament results.

The efforts of the teams decided not reset, to determine the place in accordance with the results of the preliminary part. Thus, Russian champion 2020 year was the Novosibirsk "Locomotive", "Silver" - in Kazan "Zenith", "Bronze" - the "Kuzbass". "Gazprom-Ugra", according to the Table of Ranks, finished ninth.

Surely this decision will be a lot of opponents, who will say, he could just be only the result of, produced in the playoffs, in our case - in the final six. And if you can not bring the matter before the end of, then it is not necessary to determine the champion. The example often cited German Championship, where "Berlin" full steam flew to the championship, not without losing a single match,, but at the finish came under zero results. All the same it is fair to note, that Germany formally smooth part of the championship was not completed, if not enough results in just two rounds. We have successfully passed this distance and in this - the fundamental difference, giving the right to formally legitimize the results of the tournament.

At all, talk about justice in the present circumstances it is not necessary. We can only repeat what, as I said earlier - probably the same "Locomotive" is not so represented his first championship. Volleyball, crumpled pandemic, He is now trying to find at least some points of support. How to enter the next season, if present, as it were, and it was not at all? Where to put the cost of clubs, trainers, players: physical, emotional, material? Attributed to force majeure? Or is it to try to fix the distance traveled?

The decision regarding Super PariMatch made the right. Where confusing situation with a major league A, where IEF recorded the results of the actual situation of the team at the time of the suspension of the championship. Nuance is, that there is a smooth tournament (and in the top league playoffs But not provided) We did not have time to finish, and the team had been "fixed" with a different amount of the match.

Four teams of 18 held by two games over, than the rest. The main intrigue is, that the actual winner of the championship, "Transgaz Stavropol", I held for two matches more than their main competitors - "Oilman" from Orenburg, "Tyumen" and Chelyabinsk "Dynamo". Backlog same "Tyumen" from the winners - only one victory, "Dynamo" is behind by two, Orenburg has the same number of wins with a command Kislovodska. In other words, all three teams (Orenburg, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk) could dramatically turn the picture at the top of the standings, changing as the winner, and the composition of the contenders for promotion to the grade - if played the same number of games, that "Gazprom-Stavropol". That's where the real injustice, which anyway will have to deal.

Or do not have? Because it is not very clear - both. To finish the championship in the foreseeable future will not work, any manipulation also excluded on paper. Anyway, all these details will be considered in determining the composition of the championship league 2021 of the year, than IEF Presidency will in the second quarter of this year,, that is, the decision will be up to the end of June. will wait, we will see.

A "locomotive" - ??with the championship. Terms of this championship were initially not particularly objective, at the end of quite "spoiled", but athletes are not to blame, it's true? All played on 19 matches, most victories in Novosibirsk, and change it on the court this season has not come out.