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Attempt number nine

Postponed match with Kazan "Zenith" (source, it seems, We could wipe it on our William Shakespeare) I put "Gazprom-Ugra" in the unusually long for the season break. Nothing, get used - after a week with the tail again leave on prolonged vacation. And yet - Novy Urengoy, in which we have already visited in the Russian Cup semi-final.

Polutrenirovochny the voyage of positive emotions did not leave. Now everything seriously - but change there something in terms of results? Anyway, "Torch" - one of the leaders of the Russian Volleyball. After the defeat in the debut match of the Champions League from the "Kuzbass" novourengoytsy in the manner peculiar to himself corrected two "zero" victory - in the championship on the "New" and in the same Champions League - over the "Berlin".

However, if you wish, you can turn this series by the other party: Kemerovo conceded team, Victor lost Poletaeva, "Berlin" went to the site in Novy Urengoy without leaders - Diagonal Patch and central Le Goff, But the current "Nova", with all due respect, It can hardly compete with the crutch and Co..

At the same time we see, that "Torch" may "skharchit" visiting both the "Zenith" in a row, giving way to this "Yugra-Samotlor" ... In order to obtain all this kind of perception of stability, let's celebrate, that the city novourengoytsy with seven wins in ten matches, are in third place in the championship, and we three in the eight games have registered at the tenth place standings.

That is clear favorite.

The only position, where we nominally superior to the opponent - a diagonal. Hungarian Padar quite good, just muse potentially stronger. At the same time we are in all respects inferior to doigrovku, it is no wonder - there is very few people can compete on equal terms with the main pair of Russian team. On central locking "Torch" is a special - it is some kind of a magical place in the team. Gone Vlasov and Likhosherstov - opened Yakovlev, Yakovlev took - hold brand Ananiev, Kolenkovsky and Stulenkov. Generally, everything is exactly. Antypkin now so playing, that talk about, when a return to a system Kolodinski overshadowed - "Torch" and Sergey well. So Erik Shoji - still one of the best libero in the world.

Having this information on hand, do not forget about one very important thing - playing volleyball does not separate well-deserved and great players, a team. This Wednesday we vividly reminded the Belgians and Slovenians, who defeated in the Champions League Kazan "Zenith" and "Kuzbass" - just at the expense of organized team play, the right tactics and reasonable risk. the, that the "Zenith" and "Kuzbass" had its problems - it second. They still had to use.

Roughly also need to go to the game with "Torch" - to try to play in a well-coordinated team volleyball. And risk, catch courage, to get the best out of yourself - in an academic manner, we "Torch" to beat. Well, what this will do a big-name opponent - this is, as they say, his problems. try?

11 tour. Russian championship 2020. Super League (On time)

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