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What to talk about when there is no volleyball

When there is no volleyball, the perfect time to talk. One trouble - when there is no volleyball, nothing to talk about. Numerous interviews of players and coaches wind around the same: Is Lokomotiv Champion, who's come, who is gone, how we played before and how we will be in the future. Rospotrebnadzor hints Here's how the future is a big question. Not Read more »

Victory Day and volleyball around us

Our "Friday" conversation finally slipped on Saturday, Yes, and coincided with 9 May. therefore, take this opportunity to, congratulations to all of us, what 75 years ago the most terrible chapter of our history ended. Great and Great Victory, primarily, based on those victims, which the people brought to achieve it. About Victory Day With military awards Read more »

A month without volleyball. What are they talking about?

They haven’t been playing volleyball in Russia for a month already - the last matches in the MVL have passed 21 Martha. Nevertheless, life goes on: active transfer market, coaches and players give interviews and performances, and only the future is covered by a coronavirus curtain, for which you will not look. In order to contribute to the image of violent activity, we decided to summarize every Friday Read more »

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