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Playoffs already underway

Who it, and the "Gazprom-Ugra" in fact has already started their playoffs. Each match - a decisive. Is this good or bad? I think, well. Even with more victories in the task of winning the Lower nobody would have overturned - as well as the team is guaranteed on our toes. That's just not to burn.

U ASK, by the way, about the same situation - there is a chance to compete for the playoffs, and psychological stress before their fans will be even stronger, than in Surgut. Who better to cope with the nerves - and sneakers, if you talk very primitive.

If we dive into the nuances of volleyball… Alexander Markin - the seventh in the Super League in scoring PariMatch, his namesake Pyatyrkin - sixteenth. for comparison: Kirill Kastylenka 33 th place, Leonid Shchadilov - 66 m. And this despite the fact, that the effectiveness of the attack in Surgut even higher percentage, than the Volzhan - 47 against 46. What does this say? About tom, ASA that much more active and, respectively, productive game through the "quartet". We have the same focus - diagonal, Maciej muse is not in vain in the first place in the league in the number of extracted points. John Wendt - the eighth position, and both strikers same average efficiency level 46 percent.

Well, the centers in the attack - we Chereiskaya 48th (61%), Dougan - 62 (59%), ASA in Nykonenko - 51 (61%), Andreev - 70 j (58%). By blocks Chereiskaya seventh, Dougan - 17, Nykonenko - 22, Andreev - 29 j.

That is, for all positions, we slightly ahead, except doigrovku. That is, it is here - from a victory in the Lower Key. Denis Petrovs played in a classic yet contemporary volleyball, we want to see in their, but not always work out - quick passes around the edges (or pipe) with a "pulling" central locking. So it allows you to play a very good reception - at libero ASA Sergei Melkozerova prohibitive 57 percent positive reception. Prohibitive - in the sense, that we should not apply it. On the other hand, in the last match in Samara Melkozerov listener failed (24%), and here at doigrovschikov everything was very good - 67% and at Pyatyrkina 50% in Markina. Think about it, who choose a victim at the reception.

Probe can be all, she would feed. With this we are interruptions - and no pressure directly by putting the ball into play serious volleyball unlikely to succeed. This is another obvious key factor. Plus its own admission - Hello again, cap. Well, call it a day, We give it all back to the psychological denominator.

Win in Nizhny only steady hand, but this is not enough. Need maximum charged and dedication, the absence of which on the banks of the Volga River in this season already burned and "Torch", and St. Petersburg "Zenith". It turns out, that his best game against ASC gives the obviously more powerful rivals, that, is not configured properly, Nizhny Novgorod give a chance. And then we can not stop the opponent's caught courage ... So, recall, was in the match, "Gazprom-Ugra" with ASA in Surgut - leading 2:0, we gave the initiative to guests and have not been able to return. Still a little sad - because it is so far the only away win ASA. Now - a great opportunity for revenge, is not it? In Nizhny Novgorod in this regard, certainly, There is an opinion - that look, whose arguments will be more influential.


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