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Home tour: three out of four

Zvezda Ugra won three of four home match matches against the most northwestern MVL teams - Zenit-2 St. Petersburg and Dynamo-LO-2. Offensive and, to be honest, inexplicable defeat in the last match from pine fighters is a consequence of the psychological instability of our youth. Easy taking the first set (25:16), the guys missed the ending of the second and fell. This happens at the youth level., important to learn from Read more »

Star over the Neva

We start the game with Zenit-2 from the banks of the Neva – and the first, traditional ace of Maxim Kirillov, then, attack from St. Petersburg on top of our block out and on the scoreboard – 2:0, we took the score. Our libero is working on the Zenit attack, and the captain – Pavel Stradomsky does not give St. Petersburg residents a chance with a retaliatory attack - 4:1. When counting 7:5 block works Read more »

First home win

"Star of Yugra" started the first set well. Ace Tebenikhin, Stradomsky's attack and the scoreboard – 5:3, we are ahead. But the Petersburgers pulled themselves up and already in the opening of the game took the lead. Zenit-2 is good on the block, sorted out with Kirillov's discount, then ace when counting 5:7 and the first time-out for Surgutyans. In the middle of the game, Zenit scores a beautiful ball on serve Read more »


Yesterday “Ugra star” held a friendly meeting on the volleyball court with the team “Gazprom-Yugra”. We interviewed the head coach of the youth team Andrei Chirkov: Andrey Alekseevich, tell, what attitudes were on the game with the Superleague team and what goals do you set for the upcoming youth round? We have one goal - to reach the final of the league and, if possible, win a worthy Read more »

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