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Wheat kilograms

Author: William Davis

You know, that eating carbohydrates leads to diabetes? Probably, Yes…

Did you pay attention, how bread affects your figure? May be…

maybe, have you even heard, that flour causes premature aging?

What else do you know about food, which you use every day yourself and offer your children?

Doctor of Medical Sciences, cardiologist William Davis will tell, that it is wheat dishes that provoke the appearance of a "tummy", so hard to get rid of. Favorite buns and breads are addictive and cause heart disease, bones, joints, baldness and various hormonal problems.

About that, how carbohydrates destroy the body and brain and how to protect yourself, read in the world bestseller, which you hold in your hands.

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Food and brain

Author: David Perlmutter

book author, renowned neurologist and nutritionist David Perlmutter, over the years, has established a connection between, what do we eat, and the work of our brain. Good Diet Keeps You Well-Being and Mind, and memory problems, stress, insomnia and bad mood are treated by avoiding certain foods.

In the new version of his book, based on the latest scientific research, David Perlmutter updates recommendations, how to keep your brain healthy and prosperous and significantly reduce your risk of future diseases.

This book is for those, who would like to live long, active, full life.

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Starch energy. Eat tasty, take care of your health and lose weight forever

Authors: John McDougall, Мэри Макдугалл

John McDougall calls for completely eliminating meat and dairy products from the diet and replacing them with whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. This is the only way to save oneself from common health problems today. (cardiovascular and cancer, type 2 diabetes and arthritis), the reasons for which are the use of animal products. He supports his position with scientific data. The book provides a step-by-step plan for the transition to eating according to McDougall, as well as recipes for simple and delicious dishes.

Для всех, кто хочет питаться правильно и ищет оптимальный способ поправить свое здоровье.

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Diet to speed up metabolism

Authors: Yves Adamson, Hailey Pomroy

Hayley Pomeroy is the author of a unique technique, celebrity nutritionist, "Metabolism guru", as the star patients call her, reveals the secrets of the functioning of metabolism. Scientifically, she explains, what slows down the metabolism and how you can speed it up with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, turning the body into a fat burning furnace. Thanks to this program, in a month you can reset up to 14 kg without starvation, counting calories and exhausting workouts. You will not only get slimmer, but also improve laboratory blood counts, reduce pressure, balance the hormonal system and strengthen the immune system. In the book you will find lists of recommended foods and weekly menu options, and more 50 original author's recipes are unusually useful, delicious yet simple dishes.

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Chinese study. Findings of the largest study of the relationship between nutrition and health

Authors: Colin Campbell, Thomas Campbell

This book will tell you truthfully about the effects of nutrition on health.. It is based on the largest study in the history of science of the relationship between the consumption of animal products and a number of chronic diseases..

The name "China Study" originated from a study of statistics on cancer mortality in 65 counties in China, which were collected at the initiative of Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, dying of this disease.

Early in his career by Dr. Colin Campbell, the world's largest biochemist - advised patients to eat more meat, milk and eggs. This was an obvious consequence of his life on the farm..

As a result, more 20 years of research Campbell made a number of discoveries, who changed his views on nutrition - as did the views of millions of people, who read this book. Products, which we diligently feed our children, considering them useful, lead to major killer diseases: cancer, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases.

“Protein in the diet had such a big impact, that we could stimulate and stop the development of cancer, simply by changing the level of their consumption "- one of the key conclusions of the author.

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Charming intestines. How the most powerful organ governs us

Author: Julia Anders

It is not accepted to talk about the intestines and its problems., but in vain. After all, there is an opinion, that this particular organ is the most powerful in our body, it's not for nothing that it is sometimes called the second brain. German microbiologist Julia Enders helps to understand the intricacies of this mysterious organ.. She simply and clearly describes the entire process of digestion.: serious and complex information is presented in an easy way and is accompanied by funny visual illustrations.

What is the scientific approach to good nutrition? Why do allergies and intolerances happen to certain foods?? What is the Difference Between Antibiotics, prebiotics and probiotics? In addition to answers to these and other questions, you will also learn a lot about the rest of the organs., involved in the digestion process, about their inhabitants - bacteria and microorganisms, about reactions, the connections of various body systems with each other.

The intestine controls the processes, occurring in the body, but nothing prevents you from controlling it! To build relationships with your own "second brain", read the book by Julia Anders "Charming intestines. How the most powerful body controls us "online or download in a convenient format on liters.

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Happiness hormones

Author: Loretta Browning

How to train your brain to produce serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin

The author of this book invites you to learn everything about the work of hormones, mechanisms of emotion formation, behavior and work of various neurochemicals. And also about, how your brain creates persistent habits and why it's so hard to break free of those, which are considered bad or harmful. Inside you will find a 45-day plan for nurturing new habits, which will help to form new patterns of behavior and learn how to trigger the action of "hormones of happiness". After reading this book, you will be able to reprogram your brain and activate those hormones, which will make you happy.

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Healthy Intestine Program. How body health depends on digestion

Author: Alejandro Junger

Have you ever heard of, that one of the manifestations of a heart attack is digestive upset? And that back pain is a common harbinger of bowel problems? Depression, irritability, weakness and apathy are familiar to all of us, but only a few know the root cause of the appearance of these unpleasant symptoms.

It turns out, the general state of human health is closely related to one specific part of the body - the intestines. The roots of many chronic diseases lie here. Almost all diseases, which are found today on an epidemic scale - cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and arthritis, - begin in a damaged and irritated gastrointestinal tract. Does the problem have a solution? Certainly, says doctor Alejandro J?nger. He and his gut repair program will help you.

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