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Take a point away from the hosts

In the first game of the game "Ugra Stars" with Moscow "Dynamo-Olymp" the hosts seized the initiative: by the middle of the set there was a four-point advantage in favor of Olimp. Maxim Kirillov's discount and his subsequent ace force the opponent to take a timeout. After a pause, Dynamo quickly restore the difference on the scoreboard, but two aces Danila Voronchikhin compare the score, and then "Zvezda" squeezes the opponent. Alexander Read more »

Moscow marathon

"Star of Yugra" has already arrived in the capital, where the games of the third round of the Youth Volleyball League will be held. Despite, that we are the second in the standings, everything will be more than serious: rival, Dinamo-Olimp, not lost yet not a single match, - not a single set! As part of Muscovites, most of the players have been playing in the MVL for several years, Read more »

One hundred percent success in Orenburg

Have a touring system, according to which they play in MVL for four days in a row, there are difficulties. One of them - by the last day fatigue accumulates, injuries appear. But all this is not about our Danila Voronchikhin. On his birthday, he gave himself and the team three aces in a row in the match with the Ufa Berkuts. He also got the set-ball in Read more »

The answer did not arrive

Second meeting with the site owners, Orenburg "Oilman-UOR", passed without any miracles, although it was tense. It is seen, that the coaching staff worked with the team and today our opponents have earned both a block and an attack. Our guys, tuned in for an easy victory, could hardly restrain the pressure of rivals. The first period the game was played with an equal score, with a margin of one or Read more »

"Zvezda" and "Berkuts"

Volleyball Youth League, however, as in all volleyball, difficult to predict the team's play- opponent at the start of the season. Players change, guys grow up, young come - young ... So today, with our counterparts, the first set began under the motto: “Come on, lose, otherwise we will lose!"" Berkuts "immediately took the lead, but not due to well-coordinated work on Read more »

Orenburg promenade

Walk in the South Urals, judging by today's game, will not be so easy. The second round of the preliminary stage of the Youth League began with the game with the owners of the site for our youth team. "Oilmen", released after quarantine, played nervously in the first set, with a lot of mistakes in serving and receiving. The second set was also a failure. The game of our Read more »

“Ugra star” against “Gazprom-Ugra”

“Ugra star” In anticipation of departure for the 2nd round of the Russian Youth League Championship in. Orenburg held a game training, where they were opposed by second-team players “Gazprom Yugra”. The youth showed themselves worthy in many respects on an equal footing playing with more skilled teammates, which gives confidence in the upcoming games. Schedule of the next tour

Good start

"Star of Yugra" successfully traveled to neighboring Nizhnevartovsk, where the games of the first round of the Russian Championship in the Youth Volleyball League took place. Our young talents met twice with the Novy Urengoy "Torch", bronze medalist of the last championship, and Krasnoyarsk "Yenisey-2", having won three wins in four matches. The main miners of "Zvezda" last season are massively defending the honor of the bloodless "Gazprom-Yugra", so it would be logical Read more »

Victoria Kobzar continues the dynasty

In Montenegrin Podgorica, our young volleyball players from the U-17 national team became European champions! Team Turkey was defeated in the final of the tournament 3:1. We especially note, that the younger sister of Igor Kobzar, Victoria, passed in the team. This is already a whole volleyball dynasty turns out, brought up by coach and mother Alla Ernestovna Kobzar. Congratulations to Victoria, her mom and the whole family with great success! ssssssss

Did a good job on vacation

Somebody completed prolonged New Year holidays, and Surgut is coming to the end of the period, let's call it so, careful and comprehensive work with young people. The end of December and beginning of January the guys from the team's Youth Volleyball League "Ugra Star" held in Surgut. Recall, that their main base - Ugra college boarding of Olympic reserve in Khanty-Mansiysk. I am dealing with youth at "Prime-Arena" in parallel, Read more »

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