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Winning half of the round

The second game day of the home round is over. Zenit-UOR – very young team, many players are under the age of majority. Apparently that's why the cool play on the serve and in the attack alternates with ridiculous mistakes and inconsistency of actions.

In the first set, both teams looked closely at the play of their opponents and in the opening - the score was equal 8:8. But further on our – single block by Danil Voronchikhin, and on the attack of Kazan - the block of Konstantin Bessogonov, and rivals – attack out-of-bounds and score 11:8 первый тайм-аут берёт тренерский штаб «Зенита-УОР». Kazan were able to withdraw from Ilya Yudenkov's innings only with the score 13:9, in the piggy bank "Stars" - six break points. By the middle of the set, our rivals narrowed the score to two goals, but that's all. In the end, our advantage is already seven points 23:16 and "Star of Yugra" calmly ends the game with a reliable block performed by Alexander Slobodyanyuk.

Second batch. Maxim Kirillov puts the ball into play. Kazan effectively attack, but on the pitch, the native net helps us out – 1:1. Further – residents of Surgut block the attack of the youth "Zenith", good attack of Pavel Vakhmyanin, score - 6:3 in favor of "Zvezda". By the middle of the set, the advantage of the hosts grows, scoreboard - 15:10. Surgutyan's coach Andrey Chirkov makes substitutions, allowing all the players of our youth team to show their playful character. Next - Ilya Yudenkov's block, out on Zenit attack and timeout for Kazan. Residents of Surgut again earn eight break balls. Only when counting 22:11 guests were able to withdraw from the feeds of Pavel Vakhmyanin. Александр Саппо атакует в линию -24:12, and the Bessogonov block works on the set and the second set is our 25:12.

The third set and Surgutyans have a calm confident game, and at Zenit the ball stubbornly flies into touch. Voronchikhin - ace on the pitch. Double block Bessogonov-Stradomsky closes the attack of Kazan, score 6:3. When counting 9:6 – ace of Pavel Vakhmyanin and time-out of Zenit-UOR. Max Kirillov throws the ball into the first zone, our block Yudenkov-Stradomsky is working, and the guests have another attack out. Score – 14:6. Danil Voronchikhin throws the ball into the cauldron, then again two attacks by Danil are good and Zenit has a second time-out, score 18:11. Further – the attack follows the first pace of Pavel Tebenikhin, ace Alexandra Sappo and counting 21:13 "Star of Yugra" earns four break points. The party ended with a beautiful ace by Pavel Tebenikhin. Score 25:13. Total score 3:0, second victory of the Surgut youth team!



Date Time Championship


Zenit-RBM (Kazan)2525250
Ugra star1912133


Text: Yuri Bessogonov
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