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Yes, our team lacked a little, to complete the maximum program and earn six Victory Points in the fifth, home tour. Need to say, that the team from Nizhnevartovsk did not play well, but it cannot be called weak either. Games were equal rivals, which confirmed the score of the second day of the short Ugra tour.

First set. The guards led, but Zvezda quickly turned the tide of the game in the opening and the scoreboard already – 8:6. At the filing of the "University" – Danil Voronchikhin's cool attack and score - 11:7. Further – the first tempo of Bessogonov works, while serving – Kirillov issues a branded ace -13:8. Zvezda Ugra continues to increase its advantage and we come to the end of the set with a score 20:13. «Университет» сопротивляется, but the gap is already very large and they are not even helped by a beautiful ace, and our Slobodyanyuk scores a very difficult goal, score - 23:16. Our setball and ace, performed by Alexander! Score – 25:16. Set - ours (1:0)!

Second batch. begining – traditional point exchange, but the Wartans start to increase the score, attack and their block is good too. На подаче гости исполняют эйс и тайм-аут берет тренер «Звезды Югры» – on the board 3:8. The coaching plan worked. After the break, our opponents go out, but the bill is increasing, sorry, what is not in the direction of Surgutyan. We have attacks going out, while the "University" – an impenetrable block works. Already not an attack with the first rate of Bessogonov, neither ace Kirillova can pull the party out of the abyss with six points difference, score 10:16. Zvezda continues out-of-bounds attacks, past the block and when counting 14:21 – второй тайм-аут Андрея Чиркова. The team is trying to pull the party, Kirillov again gives two aces, Voronchikhin-Bessogonov put a block, but I can't put the squeeze on the set and the score – 20:25, we are missing the initiative, more wrong, risk and expense 1:1 by sets.

3 set – and traditional 1:1 on the board. Slobodyanyuk's attack brings Zvezda forward. Further – Alexander - serving. Surgutyane earns six break points, Slobodyanyuk serves ace. Соперники смогли сняться с подачи нашего 21 номера только при счете 10:3. Ours serve an ace, reliably block attacks of guards, работает первый темп центрального блокирующего Павла Тебенихина и счет – 19:9. More than solid groundwork for winning the set. Хороши атаки Слободянюка и Павла Страдомского и у нас – 9 setball! After our serve, the rivals transferred the ball without attack and Alexander Slobodyanyuk finishes the set with a beautiful pipe - 25:13, (2-1) by lots.

The turning point came in the fourth set. The beginning of the party was in favor of the Surgutyans. In the opening, the advantage is six points – that's a lot, but by the middle of the set the score is already equal - 16:16. The "University" has a block and Wart's people are already ahead. we – we compare and in the end we come with the score 23:19. So – something broke at "Zvezda" or "University" used a secret weapon, but Nizhnevartovsk had five break balls and we failed already there was a winning set 23:25.

In the tie-break already in the first half there was an advantage of "University". We score, further – our serve in touch and the rout began ... An impenetrable wall is the block of the "University". Our counterparts issue an ace, Further – attack to the first zone, score 1:4 ,but even two time-outs taken in a row by the Zvezda coach cannot affect the game of our guys. When counting 3:7 the attack of the opposing team breaks through the block of ours and the teams change sites. Ours are trying to rectify a game that has not yet been completely failed, good attack of Pavel Stradomsky, Wart's attack out-of-bounds, score - 5:8. But even with us, the pitch flies out. So – we have a challenge ball on the serve of "University" and a prepared attack of the opponents. Score – 5:12 "Star" resists : ace at Stradomsky, Teenihin- Kirillov put a block on the attack of the "University". Score - 9:12, but this – all, the attacks of Nizhnevartovsk could no longer be stopped. And set count – 10:15. (2:3) – the neighbors won.

Our team – "Star of Yugra" remained on 5 place in the standings.

We are waiting for guests in the already near, the sixth round to us in – Surgut.



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university (Nizhnevartovsk)16251325153
Ugra star25202523102
Text: Yuri Bessogonov
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