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The first – in the new year

The anthem of Russia was played, the first batch has begun. After the submission of the guards Alexander Slobodyanyuk, opened an account with an attack - 1:0. Further – our feed to the network and in the opening is still not clear. "University" has a two point advantage, but we compare the score and go ahead, – 8:7. After a long inter-game break, the first set is sighting. At Zvezda, attacks are carried out at the first pace, diagonal shooting, and Nizhnevartovsk has no block and the feed flies into the network and out. In the middle of the set, there is a branded discount of Maxim Kirillov and a score on the scoreboard 19:14 in favor of Surgutyans. So – the ace of the University and the time-out is taken by the coach of Zvezda Ugra, but then two more aces gives 23 the number of the Vartans and only the spade on the pitch saves the "Star". But, our outs on serve, low-quality block and on the scoreboard already 21:21. "Zvezda" attacks at the first pace, while the "University" – attack, on serving Surgutyans, – into touch and central blocker Pavel Tebenikhin completes the first set with an effective attack.

Second set – and ace of Maxim Kirillov. Already in the debut we go forward. Our Tebenikhin unit is operating- Vakhmyanin and on the board 4:2, when counting 9:6 – Kirillov's discount again, for which rivals are not ready. But after coaching, Vartovites close two attacks with the first pace of Surgut and an equal score on the scoreboard – 12:12. Игроки «Университета» заработали четыре брейковых мяча и «Звезда» смогла сняться только при счете 13:12. Ace Bessogonova and time- out at the guards. The "University" serves out, and we have – ace Vakhmyanin. Vartovites close Kirillov's discount, close the attack with Tebenikhin's first pace, earn a break point and the coaching staff of Zvezda Ugra is already taking a time-out – 20:17. So – Slobodyanyuk's attack -21:18, team from Nizhnevartovsk cannot cope with Tebenikhin's serve and the second time-out at the University. Score – 23:19, at the end of the game this is a significant advantage, but we go to the set with two balls in stock, а у «Университета» -эйс и второй тайм-аут берет тренер «Звезды», score - 24:23 . But, Wart's serving is affected by excitement, responsibility and desire to win the outcome : у нашего соперника мяч на подаче летит в аут и второй сет за сургутянами. 25:23

3 set. "University" sends out, Star misses attack, ace 8 Nizhnevartovsk team numbers. Pavel Vakhmyanin equalizes the score with an attack – 2:2. And when counting 4:4 опять оформляет эйс университетский игрок под номером 23, then Vartovites block Danil Voronchikhin's attack and again ace 23 numbers, score – 4:7. Forced time-out of the coaching staff of Surgutyan. It worked, go out. But by the middle of the set we, yet, we come with the bill 15:18 и второй тайм-аут Андрея Чиркова. So, Zvezda has a spade on serving and counting 17:22 очередной эйс «Университета», confusion under the net at "Zvezda" and the result of the set – 17:25. Offensive.

4 set we start not in our favor – blockout from Surgut. И после вчистую проигранного третьего сета опять вялая игра, no charisma. At the "University" submission to the network, we answer by sending out. The guards – also the ball goes out-of-bounds on service, and on the board - 3:3. But when counting 6:6 our block works, and Max Kirillov attacks - 7:6. And with a gap of one point, we come to the middle of the set and nothing is clear about this game yet ... When counting 16:18 time-out at Surgutyans. Further – beautiful, Voronchikhin's quick attack, attack out of the "University" and our ace! Score 19:18 In our favor. The people of Vartov compare, Данил Ворончихин атакует и счёт – 20:19, а у «Университета» атака в аут и тайм-аут берет тренер нижневартовской команды. But the volleyball gods were with us - Voronchikhin makes an ace, Vakhmyanin and Kirillov put an impenetrable block and a second time-out for vartovans, score - 23:19. А дальше Павел Страдомский атакует поверх блока и опять, our double block closes the "University" attack and completes the set. Scoreboard – 25:19 and the final score of the game 3:1 in favor of the "Star of Ugra".



Date Time Championship


Ugra star252517253
university (Nizhnevartovsk)222325191
Text: Yuri Bessogonov
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